The Adobe Flash Player 13 is a cross platform application runtime that is browser based.

The Adobe Flash Player comes with several updates and new features and is unanimously considered to be the Web standard and is included with all the major browsers. It offers better viewing of applications and content across browsers as well as operating systems, helping users access a rich and engaging digital experience. Both individuals and organizations can derive improved viewing options with the latest Adobe Flash Player, as it offers a powerful and adaptable multiplatform runtime.

New Release

The new release, Adobe Flash Player 13, comes with additional features and enhancements. Some new features have been added for cross platform viewing of several Internet apps, content and videos, so that users can enjoy browser based viewing across devices. The new Adobe Flash Player 13 is available for all the major OSs, such as tablets and smartphones and for browsers. The runtime enables users to reach more than 1.3 billion devices on the web. The beta version offers enhanced support to TextField.

Top Features

Some of the top features in the new version include a low bandwidth video offering advanced compression technology. The quality is higher, with artistic text becoming crisper, as it has made use of an improved text engine for text rendering. Graphics rendering has also improved, with better 3D graphics rendering. You can enjoy full screen modes for content, applications and flash video, with filters like Glow, Bevel and DropShadow offer dynamic effects in real time. Additional filters, such as Gradient Glow, Blur and color Matrix are also present. The new features include blend modes and radial gradient. It can incorporate graphics pertaining to both text and vectors. The file sizes can also be compressed, so that they don’t take up too much disk space.

Bugs and Issues Fixed

A number of bugs related to security and stability as well as performance have also been fixed. There were also certain issues of device compatibility with previous versions, which have also been fixed. For example, some updated requirements in case of the Apple iOS store have also been addressed by the new version of Adobe Flash Player.


Some welcome changes have been made to the Adobe Flash Player 13. For instance, the ‘press escape to exit the full screen mode’ is seen on the entire screen. Many users were finding this an unwelcome feature as it was obscuring other content. However, security concerns also had to be satisfied, so changes have been made to satisfy such concerns and, at the same time, not obstruct customer viewing and enjoyment. The message has been moved to the upper portion of the screen, rather than being in a central position.

System Requirements

In order to use the current Flash Player, you need a Windows processer of 2.33 Ghz and for Mac, an Intel Core Duo of 1.83 GHz. In case of Windows, it works on Internet Explorer of 8.0 and above and also with Mozilla Firefox 17 or more, Chrome and Opera 11. As for Mac, the requirement is Safari 5.0 or above, Google Chrome and also Opera 11 and Mozilla Firefox 17.0.

Another recent announcement from Adobe is that they are planning a rapid beta release that makes use of a Background update. Users can get the latest versions of the Flash Player even without clicking. Enjoy a high digital quality across devices with Adobe Flash Player 13. The version, however, is only a beta build, so there might be some bugs. Users can still download it and see what’s new.

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