The Apple iPhone 6 could be the thinnest handset that Apple ever created.

If you go online and search the web, you will find some images and other concept pictures that illustrate the mobile device as being just 4.5 mm thick. Another image also shows that the device could be 3 mm thick at the bottom and 1.5 mm thick at the top. With this dimension, the Apple iPhone 6 will be around less than half the thickness of the 7.6 mm iPhone 5S.

iPhone Air

If you can remember, Apple surprised its customers by releasing the thinnest tablet last year, the iPad Air. And with Apple’s decision to release the iPhone 6 as being the thinnest mobile device ever, fans said that this new mobile could be called the iPhone Air.

As mentioned, two concept images have appeared for the new Apple iPhone 6 and both devices come with slender chassis and with a huge 5 inch screen, bigger than the usual iPhone you are familiar with. In fact, they’re more similar to the screens of HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. The first image has a 4.5 mm thickness from top to bottom and another image shows the second model as being 1.5 mm thick at the top but 3 mm thick at the bottom.

No Physical Home Button

In order to make the new Apple iPhone 6 to become the thinnest mobile device in the world, some experts have predicted that Apple will do away with the physical home button. Instead, it will be replaced with touchscreen keys. This is the reason why the second version of the image has a much thicker bottom.

Apple’s mobile devices have some of the smallest screens in the market and a lot of experts have predicted that the screen size of the iPhone 5S will be the first to break the 4 inch screen, yet, it did not turn out to be right. According to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, the firm has decided to keep the screen smaller for the iPhone 5S due to the fact that it is much easier to use and is comfortable to hold.

Appeal to More People

Rumors have circulated all over the net that Apple did not earn quite a favorable amount of revenue for the iPhone 5S which is why they made the decision to increase the screen size for the upcoming Apple iPhone 6. They believe that by increasing the size, they will be able to appeal even more to the public.

In November, a mobile phone designer by the name of Martin Hajek came up with a concept which demonstrates that it is indeed possible to increase the screen size of iPhones without the need to drastically increase the size of the mobile device. Further reports have suggested that Apple is indeed capable of creating a mobile phone that is as thin as the images circulating the net, but there is no official word from the company if indeed the new Apple iPhone 6 devices will look exactly like these images. For now, all these are mere speculations only.

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