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Apple iWatch Manufacturing Problems?


Even though Apple Inc. has not yet released any official statement about their decision to release their own version of smart watch called the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch, there have already been lots of reports circulating in the World Wide Web about the company’s plan to push through with its release anytime soon.

Further reports said that this new watch will be Apple’s response to Sony’s Smart Watch and the Galaxy Gear of Samsung. But another rumor that is gaining quite a buzz in the market is that the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch is said to be encountering some manufacturing problems.

Production Related Glitches

According to some rumors circulating all over the web, Apple is said to have experienced a lot of production related glitches concerning the launch of the highly anticipated smart watch. However, Apple has not released any official statement concerning this.

They also have not confirmed reports that they are faced with some manufacturing problems when making the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch. But even without Apple’s confirmation, there are still a lot of reports going out claiming that the problems are related to the screen technology of the smart watch. Other reports also suggested that the problem has something to do with the battery as well as some manufacturing snags.

Halted Supply

Another report published on the web has also cited that the Cupertino Firm, the company that was commissioned by Apple to supply them with some materials for the production of the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch, has halted their supply of some “unidentified” pieces. But as mentioned on the report, Apple has tested several different manufacturers from time to time in order to prevent any further delays on their plan to release the device anytime this year. Yet all these reports are mere speculations only because Apple has not confirmed any of this.

Slimmer and Lighter Variant OS

According to the same report in the web, Apple Inc has already formulated a team that will be working on the development of the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch, which is said to come with a slimmer and lighter variant of the iOS since the original operating system would be too heavy for the smart watch. Furthermore, some people claiming to be Apple insiders have revealed that the company has filed a patent for its Apple SmartWatch/iWatch last year in the countries of Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Turkey and in Columbia and this took place around June.

Aside from the rumors that Apple SmartWatch/iWatch is said to be encountering some manufacturing problems, there are also rumors that said that the watch might be available in the market in the early part of the year, around the first quarter. The watch will compete with Samsung and Sony’s smart watches, the Galaxy Gear and the SmartWatch 2.

Whether the reports about the manufacturing problems of Apple SmartWatch/iWatch are true or not, Apple fans will definitely be waiting for this device to be released soon. This is especially true since it’s rumored that the watch will come with several great features and is rumored to be equipped with a technology that can make calls, identify incoming callers as well as check map routes.