After a few weeks of its debut on PS3 (PlayStation 3), Minecraft is reported to be doing extremely well, generating sales of more than a million copies.

Considering that it was launched just before Christmas, 2013,the sales figures were really crazy. Added to the sales for PC, the Xbox and the mobile phone, there are millions of people constructing elaborate worlds out there. Minecraft was first introduced for the PC and Mac and then was developed by 4J Studios for consoles with the Xbox 360 version. This sandbox game was launched on the PlayStation 3 in December 2013 and the next versions for PS4 and PS Vita are expected some time in 2014.

Future Updates

The developing team at 4J Studios is now working on future updates and they hope that aficionados of the game will like what’s coming up next. The product did get launched with several issues. This included the issue related to the corruption of save files. However, the majority of the issues seem to have been fixed now. Future updates for Minecraft for the PS3 include DLC packs. The PS3 edition only has a skin pack now. Other title updates, such as the TU14, will also be offered to the PS3. While answering questions regarding the release date of the next TU, a spokesperson stated that a patch had been sent for testing to Sony Computer Entertainment and should be releasing soon. The PlaySttion network is a closed one, so 4J needs to go through with an approval before releasing the new patch.

Identical Gameplay

The gameplay in your Minecraft PS3 is the same as the Xbox 360 version. There is no visible difference in the content. You can access the tutorial map even without purchasing the game and can play split screen. But in the demo version, you cannot change the skin.

Hard at Work

The 4J Studios is trying to keep its numerous fans satisfied with updates. TU14 is still in development. For those who are playing on PlayStation 3, the patch 1.03 can be downloaded. It has been rolled out in Australia and New Zealand and also in Europe. A full patch note has also been released for fixing bugs. The multiplayer or split screen that caused corruption of save file has been fixed. In addition, freezes caused by memory problems and inability to join the games have also been addressed. Other bugs, related to lighting and the firing of Ghosts at particular angles, have also been solved.

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