Adding up to the already wide variety of avatar items in the Minecraft game, Minecraft is thinking of adding more of them, as revealed on the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates.

This is actually something that a lot of Minecraft gamers have been anticipating for, especially those who are playing the game on their Xbox 360 console.

According to some forums and discussions online, players will only have to wait for a short time before this avatar pack will hit the market place. Therefore, you should expect such edition of the game to be happening very soon.

Latest Update

The latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates on the new avatar items did not really reveal the full content about the new avatar that Minecraft will soon launch. However, they did confirm about their plan to partner with the Marvel Avengers, that famous comic series and movie with various action heroes as its main characters.

With this partnership, Minecraft gamers will soon be seeing Thor, The Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America roaming around the Minecraft world they have built. These new characters will definitely make Minecraft gamers to become even more addicted to the game.

40 New Characters

Last year, fans of the Minecraft game have received the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates on the latest DLC add-ons of the popular block building game. There are no in depth details as to what players could expect on these new DLC add-ons.

The developer responsible for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim edition has revealed that the mash up packs will come with 40 new character skins that are based upon various characters and monsters that Minecraft fans is sure to love. These new skins will include several generic looks that range from the Argonian fighters to the depictions of named characters which fans of the Skyrim will soon recognize, like Aela the huntress, Lydia, as well as M’aiq the Liar.

Skyrim Map

In addition, the DLC mash up packs will have to recreate certain portions of the original map of Skyrim through a non scale representation of an area that stretches from the Whiterun towards the Riverwood. Such add-on will also bring in several new textures, as well as the official musical score from the Elder Scrolls series. For more about these Minecraft Xbox 360 updates, simply tune in to the official Twitter account of Microsoft Studios, 4J and Mojang, the maker of the game.

Popularity is Expected to Skyrocket

With these Minecraft Xbox 360 updates, the popularity of the game is expected to skyrocket. A lot of Xbox 360 gamers have been waiting for bug fixes before they try the game, and now that bugs are fixed, you can expect a lot of these gamers to try the game and get hooked. In addition, we have Skyrim fans joining in and soon enough, we also have Marvel and Avengers fans building their Minecraft world. With all these updates, it’s no surprise that this game is very popular.

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