The Xbox 360 edition for Minecraft is the latest version of the game.

This game has been one of the greatest successes, since it was first created by 4J Studios and released to console users. What users particularly love about this game is that they constantly receive information regarding updates for Minecraft 360, so that the fans remain updated with regard to their game.

Trying to Catch Up

4J Studios are busy developing the latest updates for Minecraft 360, namely the TU14 update, which will be applicable for Xbox 360, the PS3 and also for Xbox One versions. This is being done in a bid to catch up with the PC version of the game, so that the game can be equally full featured on game consoles as well. Console gamers and Minecraft aficionados have a lot to look forward to with the (Title Update) TU14 update and are anxiously waiting for the release date.

What’s New?

It seems that there are a whole lot of new features in the TU14 update. These will be in the form of jungle temples and rotated logs. Gamers can also expect nether quarts and desert temples and villages, along with baked potatoes, emeralds and carrot on a stick. A wide range of additional features, such as cobblestone walls, tripwires, sandstone, both smooth and chiseled, are said to be in the offing. Emerald ore blocks will also be added. This item is necessary for making emeralds and then trading them with villagers. Thus, world generation will be changing in some ways.

Additional features include trading with villagers. Gamers will be able to write in books using the Pen and Quill items, thereby offering a new and enchanting experience.

Still in Development

The TU14 update is, however, still in the development stage. It is based on Java 1.2.1 version and many aspects have been brought forward in this version, according to 4J Studios. They are still not sure how the Adventure mode available for the PC will work on console versions.

Release Date

The map sizes that are present in the Xbox 360 and the PS3 might, however, offer a challenge, for these updates, as it is doubtful whether the biome sizes can be increased for the TU14. The development team is still in the process of making the PS3 port of the game ready in order to send it to Sony Computer Entertainment, to begin testing procedures. Hence, the delay in the release of the TU14 updates.

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