Rumor has it that Samsung is now in the process of working on a new device which comes equipped with a 20 megapixel camera and such device is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung enthusiasts were so pleased upon knowing that they will soon be seeing a successor to the Galaxy Note 3.

Unfortunately, these rumors were not confirmed by Samsung to be true although those people who released these reports have claimed that their source is an insider of Samsung. Some business analysts have also confirmed these reports and tech experts are positive that indeed, the company will soon launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and this device is rumored to be the next big thing.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd

Samsung is a multinational company based in Seoul, South Korea. Their headquarters is situated in Samsung Town, Seoul and they have several affiliated businesses as well as subsidiaries. All of these companies are operating under the Samsung brand.

The company is said to be the biggest South Korean business conglomerate. The company was founded in 1938 and they stated their operation as a trading company. After several decades, the company has ventured into other areas, such as insurance, textile, as well as food processing and retail. Later on, they decided to venture on the electronics industry and that is how the Samsung Electronics started.

In the 1990s, Samsung became even more popular for producing some of the world’s best electronic devices, including mobile phones. The Samsung Galaxy Note Series is the most popular line of products from Samsung and the latest model that they are said to be developing under this product line is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy Note Series

The Samsung Galaxy Note is an Android smartphone phablet, a device which is said to be a combination of a mobile phone and a tablet device. These devices belong under the Samsung Galaxy Series and are comprised of smartphones that come with really huge screens which also come equipped with a pressure sensitive stylus pen.

The devices are designed and produced mainly by the Samsung Electronics while the stylus pen is an accessory provided by Wacom and the handwriting recognition technology belongs to Vision Objects. In September of last year, Samsung released the Galaxy Note 3 and on the following month, the company is said to have sold more than 50 million Galaxy Note devices for the past two years. Because of this success, there is a bigger chance that the company will indeed push through with its decision to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Little is known about the new Galaxy Note 4. In fact, Samsung has not released any statement confirming its release. But then, technology experts and business analysts have predicted that this device will definitely be the next big thing in the industry of mobile phones. Rumors have claimed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will rival Apple’s iPhone 5S which the company released just recently. As for the specs, features, display and other details, no accurate data is available yet and all that fans can do is to wait.

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