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Samsung Galaxy S4 Lacks Innovation and User Friendly Upgrade

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is flagship smartphone from Samsung released in April 2013.

It is almost 1 year since the release and the upcoming successor Galaxy S5 is awaited worldwide. The Galaxy S4 did not receive the much hyped approval from the global market. It, however, continues to be the top selling smartphones from Samsung. It was branded as being ‘Life Companion’ by its developers. It surely came with some features not seen before. It was a definite upgrade from its predecessor but it failed to hit quite a few targets of technology and specifications.

Special Features Parade

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has some exciting new features packed inside. The features include an amalgamation of automation and beauty.

Dual shot

Samsung Galaxy S4 gives you a chance of capturing your own emotions as well as the precious moment in a single click. The Dual Shot feature lets you take the picture with the front and rear end camera together. It is a rare and useful option where in some moments of life the individual behind the scenes is equally important.

Shot, Sound & Action

The photo camera comes with an option capturing sound with the picture. You won’t miss the pop of the champagne bottle or your child’s first words while clicking a photo with this flagship phone.

Drama Shot

You can capture a moving subject with the phone’s camera. The Drama shot option will put the sequence of photos together to create a dramatic moving collage effect.

Air View

The smart feature of the phone allows you to just hover over the screen to get a quick preview of the information. It saves your time and effort of opening the menu to reach your desired information. The menu supported in this feature is speed dial, magnifying the web page and also preview of task progress.

Air gesture

The touch screen smartphone goes a step ahead where you can handle the phone without touching the phone screen. You can receive calls; browse web pages, alternate between screens with just an air wave.

Smart pause

This well known feature lets you control the videos with just eye movements. The moment you avert your eyes from the screen the video would pause automatically. You can restart the video when you resume watching.

The other smart features that the phone boasts of are S Health, ChatOn, Adapt Sound & Display, Samsung Hub, S translator and many more

The Upgrade Decision

Many Samsung loyal users have already upgraded from the Galaxy S3 to Galaxy S4. Others are still in a fix whether the latest smartphone from the Samsung developers would get them value for money. Let us see how the Galaxy S4 matches or differs from its previous version.

Design and Screen upgrade – The Samsung Galaxy S4 still features a plastic body like S3 but has got a design upgrade in a way that the handset has become thinner. The height and weight of both handsets continue to be almost same. Both the phones are quite similar in their external look and feel. Users do believe that Samsung Galaxy S4 feels a tad more sleek in the hand. The screen size has also gone a bit bigger to a 5” display in S4.

CPU and Software upgrade – The Samsung Galaxy S4 still uses a quad core processor similar to S3. The Krait architecture of the processor, however, boosts the working of the later version. The RAM of S3 has also received an upgrade to 2GB RAM in S4. This gives the S4 added points in the modern generation gaming technology. The S4 runs on an Android Jelly bean 4.2 version software. The software offers the additional features that we have already discussed. But S3 is expected to receive the same features in near future.

Camera upgrade – The Samsung Galaxy Camera has got the most substantial upgrade in all the features. The S4 front camera is a whooping 18 megapixel with LED flash. The quality of the picture along with its special feature package makes it a must have for photo enthusiasts

Quick and Final Judgment

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a bag of smart features which were hitherto rarely seen. But compared with its contemporaries the smartphone lacks innovation and user friendly upgrade. It surely is better than S3 but not one of the hot favorites among the new generation flagship phones.