There have been lots of rumors that are circulating all over the web about Samsung’s plan to release a sequel of the Galaxy S4, which is the Samsung Galaxy S5.

And along with those rumors are speculations that the company might actually release not just one, but two versions of the mobile phone. According to some reliable sources, there will be a standard version and a premium version.


Rumors that Samsung is coming up with two Samsung Galaxy S5 models are not new. In fact, from the time the news came out that the company is planning to release the Galaxy S5 this year; people have already predicted that there will be two models that the company will release in the market. While most of the rumors suggested that Samsung will come up with a device that will come with a metal case, these rumors are said to be wrong because according to some analysts, the company plans to release two models in plastic casing.

Among those people who are quick to give predictions on an upcoming device in the market are business analysts and one of them is Ming-Chi Kuo, a business analyst from China. He has released a statement about his own predictions of the specs and features that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will have and it was also him who confirmed that the company is indeed planning to come up with two versions of the device – the standard and premium editions. While these are mere speculations only, a lot of tech experts have revealed that they believe that Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions are correct because he has been known for having the best insider information when it comes to new devices in the market, including products from Samsung.

Two Models

According to a note published in the World Wide Web, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with two different models for the worldwide market and another two models for the Korean market. In the past, a lot of Galaxy S models have only represented a few processor as well as radio changes. However, this time around, the screen will have a defining factor. Ming-Chi Kuo has labeled the two models of Samsung Galaxy S5 as the Prime and Standard. The high end variety is Prime and the lower variety is Standard.


Ming-Chi Kuo has also mentioned that a fingerprint is a necessity for the high end model since Samsung will include a finger print reader for this device. But then he ruled out the possibility that Samsung might include an iris scanning technology for these new devices.

If Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions about the Samsung Galaxy S5 are all correct, it will be safe to conclude that this device could become the most sought after mobile device in 2014. Even if Kuo’s predictions are not confirmed by Samsung yet, it seems like his predictions are accurate given his track record. But then again, we can only speculate for now, unless Samsung will release an official statement about this upcoming device.

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