One of the top social mobile apps at the moment that is used by numerous people all over the globe has to be Whatsapp.

There are endless reasons as to why Whatsapp has become so popular. One of the key reasons has to be the fact that you can get Whatsapp for free.

Cost Holds The Key

There is absolutely no doubt that cost holds a lot of value. People are not willing to pay a great deal of money and the fact that you can get Whatsapp for free helped immensely in boosting its popularity. When you are getting this app for free, it gives you a “nothing to lose” situation.

Even if you do not really like the interface, you can download it, use it and then uninstall it. However, most users who chose to use Whatsapp once have been hooked to it entirely.

International Messages At No Additional Cost

One of the most striking features of Whatsapp has to be the fact that you can send messages to any nation of the world and that too at absolutely no additional charges. Regardless of the country your friends are at, you can always message them and thereby stay connected.

This is one of the best features that was responsible for popularizing Whatsapp immensely. Everyone needed a way in which they could keep in touch without burning their phone bills. Even international messaging rates were phenomenally high. This is why people embraced Whatsapp with open hearts.

Jazz Up Your Conversations

Whatsapp gives you the ability to jazz up your conversations. You can simply sit back, send messages and use the right emoticons. There is a huge variety of emoticons and you will find ones that will suit all types of moods. When you use the different emoticons, it sparks up the conversations.

Easy And Simple

There is no point having an app that is too complex for the public. Whatsapp is one of those apps that are very simple and really easy to use. You do not need any kind of additional knowledge in order to use the app. There can be a hundred other reasons that popularized the app but the bottom line remains that whenever an app is listed for free and it starts getting good reviews, it interests people.
No one wants to put their money at stake, regardless of how little it is. However, the fact that Whatsapp chose to list itself as free culminated in its astounding popularity.

It is important to note that Whatsapp was once a paid app in the Apple app store. Although, it wasn’t costly, yet you had to purchase it. However, it got listed as free after some time. It also comes with a free trial period. Though you can access all the features and function during this free period, you are supposed to pay a one time charge after your free license expires.

In most cases, it has been seen that the free license validity has been extended as people never had to pay for it. It looks like the developers of the app were pretty sure about the best strategies that could push them to the top.

Choosing to list the app as free turned out to be the best decision and it definitely played a huge role in making Whatsapp one of the top rated apps in the social mobile world. The blend of the best features, the finest interface and the zero cost makes Whatsapp one of the must have apps. If you haven’t used Whatsapp before, you should download Whatsapp free and try it out so that you can pass your own verdict.

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