Apple is now at a stage wherein they are ready to step to a larger screen market and reveals that they will be featuring a much bigger screen for the new Apple iPhone 6.

This was a report quoted from the Wall Street Journal. Furthermore, it revealed that Apple might be developing several other iPhone models that will come with a display that is bigger than the usual 4.5 inch screen size.

Apple Inc.

Before we discuss about the reports that Apple will soon be having a much larger screen size for the new Apple iPhone 6, let us first find out a little bit of information about the company. As you know, Apple is one of the most successful brands of electronic devices these days. The company is headquartered at Cupertino, CA and they are involved in designing and developing consumer electronic devices, most especially computers and mobile devices.

They are famous for their line of Mac computers, iPod media players, iPhone mobile devices, as well as the iPad, a tablet computer. The devices of Apple are run by the OSX and iOS operating systems, with iTunes as their media browser and Safari as the web browser. The latest mobile device that Apple is expected to release soon is the Apple iPhone 6.


Ever since Apple released the iPhone 5s, rumors have begun circulating the net that the company might soon be releasing the iPhone 6. Several reports have said that the device will come with much larger screen sizes. In fact, Bloomberg has proposed that the upcoming iPhone models might feature a 4.7 inch screen as well as a 5.5 inch screen display.

Recently, a business analyst by the name of Sun Changxu has predicted that the Apple iPhone 6 indeed will come with 4.7 and 5.7 inch screens and another analyst, Timothy Arcuri, has said that the new device will definitely feature a much larger 4.8 inch screen display.


Several sources have confirmed that the smaller of the two models, the 4.7, is now in the development stage. On the other hand, the larger model is still at a preliminary development and no confirmation is made yet for the actual release date.
Whatever plans Apple may have, the new iPhone devices are definitely expected to be released any time this year. Analysts have said that the release of the Apple iPhone 6 might happen in June or September of this year. Several rumors have also suggested that the new models will be made of metal exteriors, similar to the iPhone 5S, since Apple is expected to scrap out its plastic design features.

Large Display

Coming up with a larger display screen is the main focus of Apple as of this time. This is perhaps due to the fact that Apple is keen on competing with its fiercest rivalries in the mobile industry, Android. As you know, Android phones are famous for their very huge screen size which is what’s lacking for iPhone devices. But now that Apple is releasing a larger screen for the Apple iPhone 6, business analysts believe that they will be able to stand out from its fierce competitors.

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