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Candy Crush Saga Free To Download On App Store, Google Play and Windows Store

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Candy Crush Saga is one of the most addicting games available at the moment.

Not only can you play it on Facebook, but you can download the game to your Android phone or tablet as well as your iPhone or iPad. You can even get it got your Kindle if you’re more into the eBook thing. Because the game is full of so many colors and shapes, your kids are sure to get just as much enjoyment out of the game as you do.

The concept is simple enough – When you start the game, a grid will come up that will be filled with a bunch of different colored candy pieces. Match three of those pieces to eliminate them (kind of like the way bejeweled works) from the grid. The other pieces will fall accordingly and the empty spaces will be refilled with new, fun colored pieces to continue playing with. Sounds simple enough, right? Perhaps even a little boring?

Here’s where the fun starts. When you match four or more like colored pieces, you create special pieces of candy (such as candy canes) which act in a special way when you use them as part of the combination. The different special pieces do different things, like blow up the surrounding pieces or rid your grid of two rows. The more you use the special pieces to help you, the higher your score will become. The game is also timed so you only have so much time to get the highest score you possibly can.

Still not sounding like your cup of tea? What if I told you there were levels, hundreds of levels for you to try and beat? As you progress in the levels, you face different obstacles like bubbled in candy and pieces that are blocked off which make the game much more challenging and fun to play. The music and sounds in the game are fun and upbeat, appealing to children and adults alike. But I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet…

The app is free to download. There’s no reason not to give this game a shot for that price, is there?