Since its release in 2012, the Nexus 4 model manufactured by LG in association with Google’s mobile operating system gained immense popularity.

The phone boasts of a slew of impressive features, an amazing display, additional add-ons and its unique selling point lies in one – the phone offers the best form of Android ever seen without any manufacturer customized UI on top of it. For perfectionists, it is good news that they can finally experience the OS as Google intended it to. Another advantage is that the Nexus 4 will receive all the newest updates including the Android 4.4 Kit Kat because of it being free from any customization.

Google Now

Nexus 4 boasts of an intuitive feature named Google Now which allows users to get a variety of information under one roof, with the convenience of wireless connectivity. You no longer have to dig your phone to find relevant and useful information because the feature will take care of everything right from weather, traffic information, nearest restaurants to maintaining meetings and other business appointments. It puts the power in the hands of the user with a voice controlled assistant as well. On the whole, it’s the one that you need for completing your daily tasks with ease.

Android Beam

Sharing is made easier and much simpler than before with the Google phone. The feature named Android Beam works like a charm which will allow you to make use of the NFC chip integrated into the Nexus 4 and share data by simply holding it next to another device that has compatible technology. You can share your screen with another friend just like one would do on a computer, show what you are browsing or an app in the Google Play using this feature. It works instantly and doesn’t require any special setup.

Panoramic Pictures With PhotoSphere

Both critics and users alike hailed the new Photo Sphere technology on the Google Nexus 4. It utilizes the built in camera like never before and makes sure all your images are picture perfect powered by the 8 megapixels. You can take 360 degree images using the feature and the end result will simply be amazing. Snap pictures in every direction and watch the phone combine them all for you, which will let the viewer feel immersed in the environment.

Google Maps

With an improvised and more sophisticated version of Google Maps, navigating from one point to another is much easier. The map is more informative now which shows a list of places to shop, to eat, to relax and even find a gas station within your travelling distance. Such integrations make navigation easy and make Nexus 4 a device for people who hit the road often or like to discover new places within the radius of their home. It also notifies of traffic issues and suggest dynamic route for faster transport. It just can’t get better than this.

Google Nexus 4 from LG has exclusive features and will get all latest updates which make it the right type of phone to go for ardent android lovers. The slick and stylish smartphone will be a great companion for your every day needs and to make life easier.

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