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HTC One 2 Will Be Revealed


The successor of HTC One is said to be packed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor as well as a 4 megapixel camera, which they labeled UltraPixel.

Because of the rumors circulating around about the new HTC One 2 mobile phone, a lot of fans have become too excited for the upcoming release of this new smartphone. And if rumors are true, the new device might be released around the first quarter of 2014. But then again, these are just rumors and no word from HTC yet as to whether they are indeed going to release the device around the first quarter of this year.

HTC One Release Date

If you are familiar with the HTC One mobile phone, one of the finest Android handsets from HTC which gained lots of awards in 2013, then you can probably recall that the company released this device in February of last year. For several people, the HTC One is like the Android handset of 2013, surpassing Apple’s iPhone 5S, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy series.

The device features a cutting edge design, with several new features and specs that are just outstandingly amazing. Because of this device’s February release last year, a lot are speculating that the HTC One 2/HTC One 2014/HTC M8 could be released on February 2014.

Mobile World Congress

Another speculation about the release date of the new HTC One mobile phone is that the device will be launched during the Mobile World Congress which will coincidentally be happening in February of this year. The Mobile World Congress event is an exhibition of mobile phone devices, considered as the world’s largest conference when it comes to mobile phones.

Here, vendors, technology providers, device manufacturers and mobile operators will meet. For this year, the event will take place in Barcelona and it will run from February 24 to 27. If rumors are true about the HTC’s plan to release the HTC One 2 in February, then they might actually do it during the Mobile World Congress.

2014 Release

The 2014 release date of the new HTC One mobile phone has not been confirmed by HTC One yet and they have not issued any word if they are going to be releasing the new device anytime soon. But according to some reports posted by HTC insiders online, the new mobile device is going to be making its debut in February.

This news was confirmed by one of the judges involved in Nokia’s case to forbid the new HTC One Mini as well as the One Max to be released in the UK. According to the judge, next February will be the best time for the HTC One 2 to be out in the market which matches up nicely with the Mobile World Congress that would kick off on February 24 in Barcelona and will go on until the 27th. But while this rumor has not been confirmed by HTC themselves, fans will have to stay tuned for more updates.