After the release of the Minecraft PS3, 4J Studios is now turning its attention to developing the Update TU14 and TU15 as the next patch for the game.

Last year, they had abandoned work on the TU14 for Minecraft Xbox 360, in order to release the Minecraft PS3 version along with three post launch patches for stability. Now, 4J Studios is back to work on the updates for Minecraft PS3. This news is surely going to be music to Minecraft fans.

Patch notes have been released for the PS3 edition, with the next round of bug fixing to be coming soon, as many gamers are still struggling with the game copy. The development team has already submitted the next set of fixes for bugs to Sony, in order to obtain a final certification. The 1.03 patch for PS3 version will be very welcome to fans as it addresses the multiplayer bugs and the crashes, gamers are experiencing. The update also addresses the issues of lighting in the PS3 edition. With the latest bug fixes, the game has become more stable, so that the development team from 4J Studios can now work more freely on content for the TU14 update.

TU14 based on Minecraft 1.3.1

The next title update for Minecraft PS3 TU14 is most likely to be based on 1.3.1. The updates will be released for PS3 and Xbox 360 at about the same time, according to 4J Studios.

Bug Fixes in PS3 Edition v 1.03

The changes made through this update were fixing issues in the split screen, thereby preventing ‘save file’ corruption. Memory issues have also been fixed, as these were causing freezing of the game. In addition, there was a problem regarding joining the game, with displays stating that the host has exited the game and so on. These have been fixed along with crashing of the split screen, when adding a player for Russian language. Gamers had also been prevented from accessing trophy awards and leaderboard updates, which has been addressed. The issue related to Ghasts firing from certain angles has also been fixed along with the text not fading off the screen when you open a menu.

Hard at Work

So, though the PS3 edition may not have been the smoothest launch ever, due to the various bugs that have emerged, 4J studios has not forgotten about these and are hard at work, offering fixes. Many of the bugs had a direct impact on the gamer being able to play or enjoy the game. Some of the worst bugs have been stamped out with several patch released since it was released in December 2013.

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