Minecraft Xbox 360 is the first ever console version of the Minecraft game that was developed by 4J Studios.

It is a sandbox indie game that was created by a Swedish programmer named Markus Persson. Later on, it was developed by Mojang, his own company.

The game was first released in the public last May 2009 and that time, it came out as a PC version. After three years of being out in the market, another company showed interest in developing the game, the 4J Studios.

The company is the brains behind the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft which has really gained huge success ever since it was released in the market. And in order to enhance the experience of the gamers, 4J Studios has been regularly releasing the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates which a lot of fans have been eagerly anticipating. To know the latest on Minecraft though, the best place to visit is 4J Studio’s official Twitter account.

4J Studios Twitter Account

Right now, 4J Studios has 387,172 followers, a proof that a lot of fans have been eager to hear about the latest on their favorite games, developed by the 4J Studios. And as you know, one of the most successful games they have ever developed is the Minecraft Xbox 360.

In fact, a big number of their Twitter followers are Minecraft fanatics who have been eagerly anticipating the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates. To follow 4J Studios on Twitter, simply log on to your Twitter account and search for 4J Studios, then click the option to follow them.

Marvel Avengers

When you visit the page of 4J Studios on Twitter, you will surely notice the images on their profile about certain characters in Minecraft blocks. These are actually some of your favorite comic superheroes from the Marvel Avengers. This is because according to the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates, the company is partnering with Marvel and will soon introduce some of these characters on Minecraft. But aside from the images on their profile, you can actually stroll through their archive posts to view the trailers and previews of their upcoming Marvel edition.

What’s the Latest?

The latest Minecraft Xbox 360 update posted on the Twitter account of 4J Studios as of this writing is about a news in the UK which hailed Minecraft as the 9th best selling game all over the country for the year 2013. 4J Studios is surely delighted to learn about this great news and is sure to motivate them to release the latest edition real soon. Although they have not released any information on the actual date when the Marvel Avengers will be appearing on Minecraft Xbox 360, they have released a post in the past confirming this team up.

So if you want to know the most recent Minecraft Xbox 360 updates, you better log on to Twitter now and start following the 4J Studios. By following them, you get to be among the first people to hear about the actual release date of the Marvel Avengers Minecraft game.

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