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Minecraft Xbox 360 Updates on Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints


The Minecraft Xbox 360 version is similar to the PC version of the game, except for some modifications as a result of the Minecraft Xbox 360 updates that are taking place from time to time.

The 4J Studios Company, which is the developer of the game, has been tirelessly updating the platform of the game and in fact, a lot of features have already been added ever since it was first released in the market. But aside from the regular Minecraft Xbox 360 updates, Xbox gamers are also looking forward to the latest updates on cheats, cheat codes and hints for the game.


Whether you are new to the game or already an expert, it would be fun if you are aware of some of the most effective cheats that can help you to win Minecraft. So here are some of them. The number beside the cheat is the points you could end up earning if you perform such cheat:

• To acquire hardware, simply smelt an iron ingot – 15.
• To bake bread, simply turn the wheat into bread – 20.
• Benchmarking would require crafting a workbench using four of the wooden planks -10.
• Cow tipper requires harvesting some leather – 15.
• To cook delicious fish, just catch a fish and then cook it – 15.
• In order to get an upgrade, just build a highly efficient pickaxe – 15.
• To become the leader of the pack, just befriend the wolves – 30.
• To become a monster hunter, just attack the monster nearby – 20.

Aside from these cheats, there are several other commands that you should be aware of. Since 4J Studios would release Minecraft Xbox 360 updates from time to time, it is important that you also get yourself acquainted with the commands needed to win the game.

Cheat Codes

Aside from the commands above that can serve as your cheat, there are also cheat codes that you should learn in order to win Minecraft. Among these codes are the following:

• Time to Strike – use wooden planks as well as sticks in make a sword.
• Time to Mine – use sticks and planks to create pickaxe.
• Time to Farm – make use of sticks and planks in making a hoe.
• The Lie – just bake a cake with the use of wheat, milk, sugar and eggs.
• Taking inventory – just open up your inventory.

Hints and Tips

Aside from knowing the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates, learning some hints and tips about the game can also help you to successfully win. One of the most effective tips that you should learn is on becoming invisible. If you can do this, you will certainly be able to evade the deadly monster attacks. So just wait until the night comes, then place a boat right next to your bed. Get inside the boat and then get inside the bed while you are on the boat.

These cheats, cheat codes and hits are certainly useful for beginners especially those who are not able to follow the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates.