Nokia’s mobile device division might have been acquired by Microsoft already, but this has not stopped the rumors from spreading that a Nokia Android phone will soon be unveiled in the market.

Although Microsoft has remained tightlipped on whether to push through with the release of the device or not, a lot of sources reveal that indeed, this highly anticipated mobile phone will be out in the market real soon. Here is a review of the Nokia Android mobile phone, based on the reports that have been leaked online.


According to a Twitter user, the new Android phone from Nokia will be out in the market soon. He also attached a leaked image of the device on his Twitter account which gave fans a glimpse of the mobile phone, which according to others will be called the Normandy or Nokia X.

As for the display, the phone is expected to be brightly colored, as the image shows that it is in a bright red shade and its covering will be made of a plastic polycarbonate material. This is actually the same covering that Lumia customers have loved and if these rumors are true, then the Nokia Android will be greatly appreciated by Lumia fanatics.

Spectacular Specs

According to some rumors, the upcoming Android device from Nokia will certainly increase the heart rate of diehard Android fanatics for they believe that everything in the phone is spectacular.  According to some reports, the new device will feature a dual core 1 GHz processor with a 512 MB of RAM. It will also sport an 800 x 480 display, with a 4 inch display screen.

Furthermore, the rear camera will be 5 megapixels and will have a 4 GB memory that is expandable. It will also come equipped with a 1,500 mAh battery. The Nokia Android phone will also have a dual SIM slot, so it’s the perfect device for those who want to use two networks in one device.

Android Operating System

Obviously, the Nokia Android phone will be run by Android. This is something new knowing that Nokia’s mobile devices are all run by the Windows Operating System, which makes this device seem a bit more interesting to the public.

To be exact, the new Android phone will be run by the Android 4.4.1 KitKat according to some reliable sources. But then again, now that Microsoft has acquired the mobile division of Nokia, a lot of people have been wondering if the phone will indeed be launched soon or if Microsoft will block it.

According to a report posted on the website of a Vietnamese mobile phone retailer, the new Nokia Android phone will be able to support almost all Google services, including Google Maps, YouTube, Google Play, Google Now, Google Search, Gmail and the Google Calendar. This might seem unusual for a nonstandard Android phone. But whether this report is true or not, only one thing is for sure – a lot of fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of this new Nokia Android phone.

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