The market is being flooded with smartphones everyday, from every brand and making a choice is the most difficult of them all.

Despite all this hype, I choose Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 which is said to be a successor for its hugely successful Samsung Grand Duos released earlier. The new phone is heavily inspired by the Galaxy S4 while its predecessor was based on the Galaxy S3 architecture. Nevertheless, there are plenty of pros that made me choose this smartphone and it packs a punch inside the hood which makes it snappy to use in the long run. I do love Samsung but in no way I’m a fan boy and I would say my review is completely unbiased. Read on to see if you may love the phone as much as I did.


A smartphone’s design has an integral role to play in the decision making process. As discussed, the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is based on the Galaxy S4 and the Mega phones released earlier. So, I can comfortably claim that this one looks amazing and sturdy, even though made fully of plastic. There are no creaky corners and the buttons are made using a chrome finish. The back is easy to snap off to access sim card and memory card slot. One thing I liked is the curved design but the loud speaker wasn’t as loud as it should’ve been. So, placing it in a proper position to hear alerts is necessary.


With a solid 1.5 gigs of RAM, I found my phone quite snappy to use with hardly any lags to be noted. In areas, there was visible slow down but I assume it was only a software issue. Samsung will release an update sooner or later which will make the most of the RAM for optimal performance. Colors are very good on the large screen display without any washed out edges. The high resolution makes icons, apps and text look sharp which is one thing I guess is mandatory for any smartphone, irrespective of its budget.


Most Samsung owners will know that Touchwiz is their style and as I had already used the brand’s phone, I was quite familiar with it. There are some upgrades though and new additions to it. The new Touchwiz has support for third party apps which is a welcome addition and the multi-window is what I have been looking forward to for long. Other notable apps found with their modified UI include S translator, a voice recorder, Story album, group play and S voice which is similar to voice recognition features found on Apple phones.

Media & Connectivity

The built in player is excellent. I played almost every video and song format using the player found in Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. The music player has some amazing side effects which I have fallen in love with, such as the Adapt sound, amp effect, EQ and Tube amp to tinker with. MKV videos are supported as well. There are no connectivity issues and camera rendered some decent shots which I am satisfied with. On the whole Galaxy Grand 2 is a decent buy with good screen, performance and minimal cons that I can overlook easily.

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