Keeping track of different devices these days proves to be a hard point, what with different companies continuously coming up with different products to constantly sell.

The Galaxy line of Samsung is not exempted and, in fact, they have something new to offer this year, which is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. This newly released tablet is the latest addition to the line’s family, with the promise of improvements for its predecessors. Indeed, at first glance, the new Note 10.1 looks like it’s holding out its end of the deal with its new design, more powerful chipset, and an improved S Pen functionality. One of the more notable differences of the new Note 10.1 from the other Samsung tablets is the back. Samsung has swapped its standard plastic form for a more elegant soft faux leather casing. It’s a great protection that masks fingerprints and it allows for a much firmer grip. This leather-like casing is supposedly made to resemble a leather book cover and the chrome sides have ridges that are supposed to look like a closed book.

New Changes are coming

It’s also noticeable how they transferred the built-in speakers of the device. If we’re used to the speakers being on the front, the 2014 Edition has the built-in speakers on its side. The problem that can be encountered here is this could result to distortion from the user’s grip on the device. To make up for that, the speakers are one of the loudest you will hear in just about any device. Whether you like the new design or not, Samsung has made more changes on where it matters more. The new Note 10.1 is run by a powerful 1.9GHz Exynos octa-core processor and 3GB RAM. The S Pen of the new Note 10.1 has new features as well, such as the metal ridges at the top to easily pull it out of the slot. The tablet also detects the moment you pull the pen and will automatically pull up a new Air command menu.

More Winning Features

As for the camera, well, just like the rest of other tablet cameras, you’ll just get disappointed if you expected more; however, it’s still better than nothing. Just don’t expect it to give you a better shot in your self-portraits as they still have a lot to work on in this department. What it lacks in certain parts, it makes up for other important features. The new Note 10.1 simply boasts of its 2560 x 1600 resolution. If you’re a video junkie and love to watch HD videos on your device, you’ll find it more enjoyable with the 2014 Edition. Moreover, you’ll definitely enjoy reading e-books in this 10.1-inch LCD screen, the texts are just sharper than ever, and it makes reading more interesting. All in all, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition has the best specs for an Android tablet with its high resolution display. If you’re tired carrying around heavier tablets, the new Note 10.1 could be a better fit for you as it is also lighter and easier to handle.

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