While the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has gone on sale several months ago, all eyes are now set on its successor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which is expected to be released in the market anytime soon.

If you are one of those who are eagerly anticipating this new device, then you better read this review which is merely based on the latest reports and rumors written by some business analysts and tech experts online. Although none of these details were confirmed by Samsung, these are written by people who are said to be Samsung insiders and are very much familiar with how Samsung do their business.

Exterior Covering

Rumors have spread all over the net claiming that Samsung is said to be worried about Apple’s decision to launch a metallic glass mobile device, in the form of the iPhone 5C. They are afraid that people might assume that plastic backed phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note, will turn out to be inferior to the glass and metallic counterparts.

There are also rumors that said about Samsung being in the process of testing out other materials for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4. According to some news reports, the company has even sent a team of engineers to Vietnam to do some investigations on the feasibility of developing smartphones that are made out of magnesium and aluminum. So will the new device be made of metallic, glass or plastic? Well, only time can tell.


The phone is said to be a phablet, which means that it’s a combination of a mobile phone and tablet. This rumor came out because Samsung is said to launch the device with a 5.3 inch screen and a screen as enormous as this fits the description of a phablet.

As you can see, there are phablets these days that are bigger than other tablet devices. Samsung is known for increasing the size of their mobile phone by 0.2 inches with each new phone they release. A lot of fans are hoping that they will break this tradition when they launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and that they will opt for a 5.9 inch screen instead.

But now the question is – will the new Galaxy Note 4 come with the 5.9 inch screen, which is what the fans are demanding, or will it sport the same screen found on the Galaxy Note 3? Again, this question remains unanswered by the company.


There is a big possibility that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have a 64 bit processor. Samsung’s CEO, Shin Jong-Kyun, has made a promise that Samsung will complement the processor that is in Apple’s latest device, the new iPhone 5S.

Recently, an insider from Samsung has confirmed that they are indeed working on a 64 bit processor for their 2014 mobile phones. But just like with other rumors, this was not confirmed by Samsung themselves. With that being said, fans will have to wait for the launch of the device before they will know the actual specs of this highly anticipated device from Samsung.

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