If you have recently purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2, congratulations! Welcome to the wonderful world of dual SIM smartphones.

The Galaxy S Duos 2 has a lot to love about it, including an upgraded battery, more storage, and a faster processor for improved performance. Unfortunately, the RAM on this device is just not enough to support a large amount of applications. Users have to be choosy when decided which apps will grace their phones. Here are a few of the best apps in several different categories that you should consider bringing on board, and even better, all of these are free for your enjoyment.

Facebook for Android

Love it or hate it, Facebook is here to stay, and the Android version is stable and quick, allowing users to communicate with near real time speeds. Check in with friends, post pictures, and express your likes and dislikes from the convenience of your phone. While not as fully featured as the PC version, it nevertheless gets the job done.

Google Sky Map

Ever looked up into the night sky and wondered what the name of that bright star overhead is? Now you can know easily, simply by pointing your Galaxy S Duos 2 in the star’s direction. This app identifies stars, planets, constellations, and more, making us all into amateur astronomers without ever cracking a book.

Google Maps Navigation

This app is a must have for travelers, giving you turn-by-turn navigation, point-to-point maps, and helping you plan your route before ever leaving on your trip. It will give you exact distances and travel times, allowing you to tell friends, family, and colleagues exactly when you will arrive. It even maintains your route when GPS signals are lost, so you can still decipher where you need to be going.


Another social media app, Twitter allows users to communicate what they are thinking and feeling in a limited number of characters, making it the perfect medium for cell phone use. Follow your friends, news outlets, and favorite celebrities, and interact with them all. You can also follow specific topics by searching for specific hashtags.

Amazon Kindle

Who needs an E-reader when you can access your favorite books from your phone? With the free Amazon Kindle app, you can load all you Amazon purchases and read them on your smartphone screen, giving you an alternative to a Kindle or tablet in a pinch. While you will have to turn pages more frequently, it’s a great fill-in when space is at a premium.


If you are looking for a review of restaurants, hotels, or virtually any other establishment in the area, look no further than Yelp. Featuring tons of opinions from consumers just like you, you will be confident that you’re getting more than just an advertisement straight from the establishment itself. Simply point your device at the skyline, and it will do the searching for you.

These are just a few of the amazing apps that are available for your Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2. Even if these don’t float your boat, there are lots of others, so chances are good that you will find what you need – and it very well may be free. You never know what you will find in the app store, so be sure to check often to look for new features.

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