Finally, the Windows 8.1 operating system is here.

If you own a PC and your current OS is Window 8 or the older versions, then it’s about time to consider upgrading or installing the Windows 8.1.

This new version comes with several useful tools and it is also said to fix some of the Windows 8’s unpopular design choices. For those who are already using the Windows 8, downloading the new Windows 8.1 operating system is a no brainer. Not only that, the OS is free and is sure to enhance your experience. Here are some of the reasons why it’s about time for you to upgrade to this new Windows OS.

It Takes Up Less Space

Although the new Windows 8.1 comes with several new features, it actually requires less space so it will basically take up less space in your computer system. In fact, a lot would say that the footprint of this new operating system is significantly smaller and that you will end up saving about 8% to 15% of the storage of your computer device.

Supercharged Search

One of the best features that the Windows 8.1 brings is the ease of search. All you basically need to do is to type on the Start screen and you will be able to search for the content, program, apps, or settings that you want to use. This search feature is called the Smart Search and is powered by MSN’s Bing. If you do a search for a certain subject, the results are highly organized. It will also include basic facts, as well as photos, maps, etc.

Better Multi-Tasking Capabilities

The new OS from Windows is known to have a much better multi tasking capability. It comes with a Snap feature and this is a feature that gives the user an ability to open up multiple app screens simultaneously. Snap is certainly true to its name for it allows you to resize the smaller windows virtually to any size that you want in just a snap! If you’ve got a large and high resolution monitor, then you can enjoy multiple windows on this new operating system, such as opening an email account, a web browser, Skype and other apps, all at the same time.

Automatic App Updates

If you are tired of your devices telling you that there are certain things that need to be updated in your system, then it’s time that you get the new Windows 8.1. It’s because this new version will automatically update your apps, so you won’t have to wait for your computer to tell you that you need to update them. All these updates will take place in the background and the Windows store will no longer keep on pestering you with all the pending updates.

Start Screen Shares with Desktop Background

Another innovative feature that the new Windows 8.1 operating system has is the ability of the Start Screen to share with the background in your desktop. This might seem like a small thing for others but this actually enhances the overall look of your computer when on standby.

Technology Upgrading To Windows 8.1 For Free Takes Up Less Space