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Viber Download For Free Calls, SMS and MMS


Keeping in touch with family can be difficult, especially if they live far away and you’re charged long distance on your phone bill if you call them.

Sure, everyone text messages now, but nothing beats the personal touch of a phone call from a loved one that you haven’t spoken to in awhile.

However, if your loved ones happen to live in another country, even a once a month phone call can become quite costly for the person making the phone call. Even if you split it up so that Person A calls Person B on month one and then vice versa, after awhile you may find that the phone calls will become fewer and further between until they stop altogether.

There are many advertisements on TV for phone companies that offer “international calling” at relatively reasonable prices, What those companies neglect to tell you is that on top of that low monthly fee, you’ll probably find yourself paying a much higher bill because of all the little details they “forgot” to tell you about. And since very few people take the time to read the fine print in their contracts, they end up paying more than they would have had they kept their regular phone line. There has to be a better way, right?

There absolutely is! Let me tell you about Viber. Viber is a free app that you can get for your Android or iPhone that allows you to make free calls, send free text and picture messages, and you can even share your location with the people on your contact list if you’d like. They have to have the app installed on their device as well, but since it’s free you probably won’t have any trouble convincing your loved ones to invest. It syncs your contact list immediately so you won’t have to add any new contacts or anything!

All you need to make a free phone call anywhere in the world with this app is an internet connection. Because the app uses data to make the calls and send the messages, it not only works best when used with a Wifi connection, but will likely save you a lot of money that way too.

So go ahead, cut your phone bill in half (or altogether) and download Viber today.