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Download Viber for the Desktop – A Fledgling Offering


Viber is a popular messaging app offering free messaging and calls to users.

There are more than 200 million users for this app, using it for texting and calling from their phones on the iOS, Android and other major platforms. The interface and approach are very simple. The app takes your mobile phone number and your address book and then gives you a list of friends who also have the Viber app installed in their phone, so that you can call them or message them directly, without any charges. It is offered as a free download for the mobile phone and after conquering the mobile world, it has now moved on to spreading to the PC and Mac.

Viber is now available for your PC with the release of Viber Desktop with Viber 3.0. It allows users to send messages and make audio and video calls from their desktop. It also enables transfer of live calls from your phone Viber to your Desktop. The desktop version was released in order to celebrate the milestone of 200 million users on the mobile and it has been dubbed as Viber 3.0.

Viber 3.0 Features

Viber 3.0 offers support for desktop, along with several other improvements. You can send video messages with improved sound quality, even on a low quality network. There is also an online indicator whether your friends are online on Viber, but they can receive your messages even if they are not online. The application banner tells you when you have received any new messages. When you send a photo or a video, you can even add a caption to it.

It is easy to find your favorites or friends or a particular group, in your screen for quicker viewing of messages or photos. The photos and thumbnails are also bigger in this version with an improved contact information screen. Stickers are another attractive feature in the Viber 3.0.

Desktop Version

Calls made from your Viber on Desktop are strictly made from one desktop to another for now. You can also send messages and transfer your chats from the phone to the computer just with a single click. When you get incoming messages, you can view them on the desktop as well as your mobile, but if you pick up the message and start conversing on your mobile, the beep on your desktop will stop.

Benefits of Viber for PC

This desktop download for the Windows as well as Mac users can be done only after you have installed and set your Viber download on your phone. You have to enter the number of your mobile in the desktop app and submit it. You will then receive an access code on your smartphone. Within a few moments, your Viber contacts will appear on the desktop app. If you have not installed Viber on your phone, the app takes you to the website and directs you to install it on your smartphone first. You can then activate your desktop app making free voice calls, sharing photos and sending text messages and so on. However, this can only be done from desktop to desktop.

If you have Viber on your phone, just give the desktop version a try!