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Gmail Free – Mail Service and Much More


Most of us having an email account opt for Gmail.

Apart from the general features that we all make use of, there are several other ‘hidden’ features that can come in really handy.


Very often, you might send a letter informing the recipient that you have sent an attachment along with the letter. However, you might have forgotten to send the attachment and sent the mail. No worries. This will not happen anymore, as Gmail recognizes it and if you have written the word ‘attached’ in the body of the letter, a message pops up asking you if you meant to attach files. It will also ask you whether to ‘send anyway’, providing you with the option. All you need to do now is to cancel the mail and create another with the attachment, saving yourself embarrassment and lost time.

Important Mails

If you need to mark some mails as important or need to come back to them later on, you can star them with the standard yellow star or upgraded ones. This is done by going to the Gearbox and then settings and selecting stars. You can now access different colored stars. By typing in the star color in the search bar, you can access all mails that have been starred red and so on.

Creating a To Do List

When you download Gmail for free, you don’t merely get a mail service. For instance, you can create a ‘to do’ list on your Gmail. Go to Mail>Tasks first and you will see a task bar popping at the bottom. Fill up the tasks you wish to do and then add a due date to it, so that Gmail can remind you about it. When a task is finished, you can tick the box so that you get a line striking through the task.

Using Shortcuts

Though there are buttons for all tasks on Gmail Free, you can use the keyboard shortcuts to make your work more simple and easy. You can get the complete list of keyboard shortcuts by pressing ‘?’ when you are in your Inbox. For instance, you can use Ctrl and Enter for sending a message or a Ctrl with Shift and c for adding Cc recipients and so on. You can also create your own personalized list of shortcuts for composing a message, moving a conversation to the recycle bin or opening a new window and soon, by going to the Gear box. Here, you must access the Keyboard Shortcuts and save them.

Accessing 2 Accounts

There are many users of Gmail who have two accounts. Well, the good news is that you can access both your accounts at the same time from your single browser. Go to your email address to be seen on the top right hand corner and choose Add account. You will be offered a separate tab, where you can log in to the second Google account. In fact, Google Chrome even manages to remember this and saves it as an option to which you can swap whenever you want, but in case of other browsers, you will have to use the Add Account feature.