HTC, a Taiwan based mobile phone maker, has been rumored to release a new mobile device soon, said to be the successor of the HTC One smartphone that they are famous for.

According to some reports, the new device, which would be called HTC One 2, will be released in the market in early 2014.

However, the company has not given any official statement as of yet. Further reports suggest that the new mobile phone will come with rectangular edges. According to a designer named Christof Gruber, the new HTC mobile phone will be designed with rectangular and sharp edges, instead of the usual round corners that the HTC mobile phones are known for.


The best place to start in determining how the HTC One 2 will look like is looking at the previous HTC One mobile phone. If we are to believe the rumors that are going around, it will be increasingly likely that the next flagship mobile phone will be more of a refinement of the HTC One’s existing design.

If you can remember, the HTC One is among the best looking devices in 2013 so if the new HTC One mobile phone will be a fully refined phone, then definitely, this new device would probably the most beautifully designed mobile device in 2014.


The HTC is also said to change the shape of the device and will make it to appear more angular. It will also shave off a few millimeters and some grams, either making it thinner or lessening the bezel.

Others speculate that the build materials that will be used will be pretty much the same, although it would be great if the upcoming HTC One 2 will come with aluminum chassis because this material is less prone to scuffs and scratches. If these rumors are true, it might seem like HTC has a lot of things to do.


The new smartphone is supposedly called the HTC One 2. However, there are some reports that leaked about the phone having a code name of HTC M8. And since the device will be out in 2014, people have referred to it as HTC One 2/HTC One 2014/HTC M8. Until HTC issues an official statement about how the new mobile phone will be called, people will have to refer to this new device as such.


The new mobile phone will come with a 4.95 inch display screen which will be capable of delivering 2K resolution. It will also feature a quad core Snapdragon 800 processor and will have a 4 GB of DDR3 RAM. There is a long list of specifications for the HTC One 2 that are spreading all over the net, but most of these are mere speculations only. Perhaps, only one thing is for sure – this new mobile device from HTC will feature rectangular edges, making it to become one of the best looking mobile devices for 2014.

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