Along with the release of the Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System, Microsoft has also released its new tablet devices in the market, the Microsoft Surface RT as well as the Microsoft Surface Pro.

After a year, the company has released the successors of the device, the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2. Microsoft is said to have encountered lots of board issues and other problems on the device’s software and hardware. Nevertheless, the Surface RT is hailed as among the best tablet devices that were ever released in the market.

Great Features

The Microsoft Surface RT is famous for the great features that it comes with. First of all, the tablet comes with a kickstand feature. What it does is that it flicks out whenever the device needs to be used by the user either for typing, browsing the net, chatting, and other things, which is really convenient. The kickstand will then flip back into place right after using and it is settled perfectly at the back of the device, and you will hear that satisfying clunk when it flips back. It’s the same sound you will hear when a car door closes.

However, the stand is set on a fixed position, thus, you will have no way of adjusting the angle of the tablet’s screen, unlike if you use a conventional laptop.

Amazing Display Screen

The screen size of the Microsoft Surface RT is 10.6 inches, which is actually bigger as compared to other leading tablet devices. It also has a maximums screen brightness of up to 400cd/m2, which is similar to the iPad.

It comes equipped with a highly impressive contrast ratio of 3,333 to 1, all because of the dynamic contrast that it comes with. You can easily flick in between dark and bright pages of your Microsoft Surface RT and it also comes with an amazing ability to detect the backlight lowering and raising, as well as the brightness to compensate. Given these specs and features of the Surface RT, it is clear that this device definitely do not lack the sharpness that one would need in order to enjoy this tablet device.

Improved Mobile Edition

Based on the specs of the display screen and the great features that the Microsoft Surface RT comes with, it is easy to conclude that the Surface is indeed, an improved mobile version of the Microsoft mobile device. One of the biggest criticisms that the Surface RT got when it was first released in the market is its lack of performance, but then Microsoft acted on it immediately and performed several firmware updates.

Right now, the new version of the Microsoft Surface RT is definitely way better than the first version released in the market. It might fall behind the iPad as well as some Android tablets being a standalone tablet, but the fact that it is capable of running some of the Windows applications accessible only on PC and laptop computers, makes the device worthy of your hard earned money.

Technology Microsoft Surface RT is Microsoft’s New and Improved Mobile Tablet