Although Minecraft has already been considered a completed game when it was released for the Xbox 360, its developer has been continuously releasing new Minecraft Xbox 360 updates, which Minecraft fans are also been anticipating about.

So if you are eager to know what will be the latest for Minecraft this 2014, read this article now.

Minecraft PC Edition

Aside from releasing regular Minecraft Xbox 360 updates, Minecraft has also been tirelessly updating the PC version of the game. There are a lot of changes that will be taking place at the start of the year and among these are the addition of new items that could become stackable, some tweaks to the biome layouts and new commands.

The company also came out with long term changes for the PC version and among these are rewriting the experience system and making the enchantments to become less random but more specific. Mojang, the maker of the game, has admitted to have spent a lot of time in adding new biomes to the game and pretty soon, gamers will soon be encountering new mobs on their Minecraft world.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

Xbox 360 gamers who are anticipating some Minecraft Xbox 360 updates for this year will not be disappointed because Minecraft is also planning to do some modifications, enhancements and several changes on the game in order to improve gamers’ experience. There will be lots of great features that will be added on the console version of the game, exclusive to Xbox 360 gamers only.

The company hinted that a much larger world will be enjoyed for 2014 and they might add some interesting characters as well. And aside from waiting for information on the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates, fans are also eager to know if Minecraft will soon launch other console versions. The great news is that the company confirmed that a PS4 version of the game might be out in the market anytime soon.

Minecraft Vita Edition

Not many gamers are aware of this, but in 2014, 4J Studios will soon introduce a new edition of Minecraft which will be released through PlayStation Vita. This is their first ever port for a mobile console. The Vita console is equipped with several substantial hardware which Minecraft could take advantage of. It may not be similar to the PlayStation 3 and that of the Xbox 360, yet a lot of fans are so eager for the launch of the Minecraft Vita version.

To know more about the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates, follow 4J Studios’ Twitter page, where the company would sometimes give some hints and minor details about the future of the Minecraft world. And although Minecraft has not released any official statement regarding the actual release date of some rumors about their decision to tie up with the Marvel Avengers, such rumor was proven to be indeed true. Recently, along with the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates that the company released, they have revealed to the public about their plans to team up with the Marvel Avengers.

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