Now that we are in the year 2014, rumors about Nokia’s plan to unveil a new mobile device run by Android have been fast spreading all over the World Wide Web.

The Nokia Android device, which is said to be codenamed as the “Normandy” though others refer to it as the “Nokia X”, is said to have appeared in a Vietnamese website. According to some sources, the website is owned by a gadget shop named the “Gioididong”, and according to the report, the new Nokia mobile phone will be powered by Android’s KitKat, an operating system that is optimized to run on 512MB of RAM. However, the phone does not appear to be on sale yet and such report did not mention any release date.

Processor and Display

Although the price as well as the release date was never mentioned on such report posted in the Vietnamese website, the site has provided some minor details on the specs of this highly anticipated Nokia Android phone. If these reports are indeed true, then the new mobile phone will come equipped with a dual core processor of 1 gigahertz and will have a 4 inch display screen.  But then again, these reports have not been confirmed by Nokia or Microsoft, who is said to be planning to purchase the mobile division of Nokia.

KitKat Software

Of all the rumors and reports circulating all over the web about this new device, the most interesting of all is the fact that the new device will be powered by the Android 4.4 KitKat software. And in fact, there have been some leaked images online that show the Nokia Android phone as having a totally different interface for Android as compared to the usual Android device that you are familiar with, and in fact, it resembles a Windows mobile phone even more.

Other Features

According to the same report, another feature that the new device will come with is a 5 megapixel camera. In addition, it’s reported to have the ability to accommodate two SIM cards. However, this feature is likely to be available only on certain countries around the world, which allows for dual SIM.

In this day and age, it is surprising to know that there are some regions where dual SIM phones do not really exist; all because their network cannot support such feature or that they are not just keen on them. So those who have plans on investing for this new Nokia Android phone might have to check first if dual SIM is possible in their place.


Another rumor that has been circulating online about this new device from Nokia is its design. According to some sources, the new device will resemble the Nokia Asha line of mobile phones, and will have a body made of polycarbonate plastic. The new Nokia Android phone will also be equipped with signature Asha hues, and other features found on the Asha phones.

Although Nokia has not made any announcement regarding the release date of the new device, others speculate that they will unveil the Nokia Android phone this February, at the Mobile World Conference.

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