Samsung has fueled the rumors that they are soon be releasing a successor to the successful Galaxy Note 3.

It was revealed that the company will launch another model under the Galaxy Note series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. And although the company has not confirmed any of these reports, several rumors and speculations have come out and in fact, there are even leaks about the development of the new device.

Overwhelming Success

If you can remember, Samsung has released the Galaxy S4 as well as the Galaxy Note 3 last year. According to some reports, the company is pleased with the overwhelming success of these mobile devices which made them decide to launch the successors of these mobile phones, the Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which expectedly will be something way better than their predecessors. For several weeks now, there have been rumors that these devices will be out in the market soon. But the company remains tightlipped and has not revealed that much details.

Leaked Rumors

But despite the fact that Samsung has not uttered a single word on the actual release date, several rumors have leaked about the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. In fact, an executive of the company who was interviewed by Bloomberg has revealed that the release date of the Galaxy S5 will happen around April and after that, they will launch the Galaxy Note 4 which might be around fall.

Another executive of Samsung, Lee Young Hee, has confirmed that the company is indeed working hard to release the Galaxy S5 in the first quarter of 2014 so they can then focus on the production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which they will launch around September or October of the same year.

Several Features

Another rumor that has been going around the web is about Samsung’s plan to equip the new Galaxy Note 4 with several high tech features. And instead of the previously rumored fingerprint scanner, what Samsung is cooking up is an eye scanning technology.

Furthermore, the new devices will also come with new designs, different from their predecessors. Unfortunately, the company executive has not revealed a lot of details regarding the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 although according to some leaked rumors, the device would be made from a combination of plastic and aluminum and will blend with Samsung’s finest plastic material.

Aside from the rumors mentioned, a report about Samsung Galaxy Note 4 having a three sided display has also leaked. This feature allows the user to be able to view messages even at an angle.

These launch rumors have been spreading all over the World Wide Web like wildfire, but Samsung has been very careful with releasing statements and they have not disclosed any specific details about the new device. They did not even come up with an actual date as to when these new devices will be out in the market. All that Samsung fans can do for now is to wait.

Technology Rumors Leaked on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4