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Samsung Galaxy S Duos: Is it Worth the Upgrade?

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Are you thinking of purchasing a dual SIM phone?

If so, it is likely that you have at least looked at the Samsung Galaxy S Duos. First released in India in September 2012, this phone is already somewhat dated. That being said, the price may be right for some users, and there are some features on this device that may be worth a second look.


On the surface, the Galaxy S Duos is undeniably Samsung. From its plastic shell to the rounded edges and metallic looking accents, Samsung has not strayed from its usual design formula with this device. Under the cover, you will find two slots for two separate SIM cards and a battery pack. The outer edges feature the usual power button, volume rocker, microUSB slot, headphone jack, and microSD slot.

Processor & Operating System

The Galaxy S Duos runs on a slow single core 1.0 GHz processor and Android 4.0. Obviously, with a processor this slow, speed and lag can be big problems. If you are wanting to download multiple apps or play games on this phone, you will almost definitely encounter problems. Internet browsing is similarly laggy and tiresome, especially in comparison with the quicker, newer phone models out there.

Dual SIM Functions

Obviously, the reason that most people would even consider this device is for its dual SIM capability. How does this work? Well, you have two SIMs under the battery, and each SIM corresponds to a different phone number. These two SIMs can even be powered by two different companies if the situation warrants it. Travelers will appreciate the fact that they can maintain accounts in two different areas and use that particular SIM in its native area to avoid prohibitive roaming charges. Business people can also combine personal and business accounts in a single handset, allowing them to keep work and play totally separate.


The rear camera on the Samsung Galaxy S Duos is 5 megapixels, which is really not half bad for a low priced phone. It takes decent photos that will be good enough for Instagram or Facebook, but probably not worth having professionally printed or developed. The front camera is fair at best, but it will get the job done in video chats – as long as your phone isn’t lagging so much that it cannot complete them.

Buy it or skip it?

If you have the choice and can afford to spend a bit more, go with the much better Galaxy Grand 2. It also has dual SIMs, but the performance specs, camera, memory, and design are all upgraded for a more premium feel and much less lag. Truthfully, the only reason I would use this phone is if it were given to me free, and even then it is not a sure thing. This phone is very dated, slow, and not up to the standards of the modern phone industry. Skip it if you can, especially if you don’t need the dual SIMs. There are phones at lower prices with a single SIM that are far, far better performers than the Galaxy S Duos.