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Download WhatsApp For Free New Generation Marketing Tool

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What’s App is a popular mobile app for instant messaging.

It is free for the first year and then the user has to pay a small subscription for continued use of the app on his or her smartphone. The user can access text messaging and also send pictures, video and audio messages as well as voice messages. The app is compatible with the iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, the Symbian and the Windows phone, among others. Users send billions of messages on this app everyday to their contacts having the app all over the world.

Tool for Marketing

Though many of us use this app for sending messages to our contacts, you can also use it as an effective marketing tool. First and foremost, it is an almost free app, with just a minimal charge of $.99 for a year. The app can be very useful for generating marketing leads and get you more clients for your business.

You can send any amount of messages without any limits, as there are no character limits for a message. It is also available on all platforms. Setting it up is also very simple, as there are no elaborate details to be filled in a website and so on. You just have to confirm your identity and enter your phone number to activate it.

Supporting Features

What’s App is surely more useful as a marketing campaign tool, as it has many more features than the traditional SMS or the MMS. You can send simple text as also audio files. Since the app is almost free, you can send it to as many customers as you wish. In addition, you can also send the GPS location of your business or store. Videos and audios related to your product or business can also be sent easily along with short-recorded voice messages. The app supports all these features and many more.


You can create groups of specific clients and others can join these groups. You can even have a group of your own consisting of the internal marketing team, so that you can stay connected with one another all the time. Downloading What’s App is very useful for providing an account of the meeting minutes to other members who have missed the meeting.

Saving Basic Business Expenses

Instead of sending your business articles as a courier message, you can send the pictures through What’s App and get an immediate and rapid response. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days; so you don’t need to spend money on courier services any more. If your customer doesn’t pick your telephone call, you can just send a text message, thereby saving you telephone bills.

To Conclude

What’s app offers an instant messaging app across platforms with cool features, such as free texting, neat tools for customization, options for cluster chat and also adding of location. Apart from saving money, it is also easy to grow your business by opting for a What’s App download on your phone. You can share images and pictures with customers and suppliers, as well as with prospective clients. If used properly, it can be one of the best tools for your marketing campaign and business promotions.