With a huge number of mobile phones and tablets hitting the market, there are any number of free calling apps available for Android and other platforms.

Mobile plans have become more and more confusing, with long term contracts, burning a hole in your pocket. Using these free calling apps, you can call or message your loved ones and even make international calls, saving you a lot of money and hassles. Apart from the popular Viber and Skype, there are also several other free calling apps that are becoming popular among mobile users.

Google Voice

With Google Voice, you can make both national and international calls and also send free text messages. If you use Google Voice for Android, you can also listen to voicemail and it also enables reading transcripts. The app is available for free download from the Google PlayStore.


Tango is a free calling app for the iOS. You need to have iTunes installed and have an active iTunes account in order to install this software. It is easy to use, though the interface may not be as stylish as FaceTime. It offers good quality video calls and video messaging, where you can chat with friends who have Android phones as well. You can also receive calls on the app, without having to continuously keep the app running in the background, so that it doesn’t have to hog your battery.


Line is also a free communication app for making free voice calls and sending free messages. It boasts of more than a million users from all over the world and is being used in more than 230 countries. You can use the app to send messages along with photos, colorful icons, emoticons, and stickers and even send information about your location. The app is available for download on your mobile phone as well as PCs. It is optimized for Android OS 2.1 or above.

Kakao Talk

This is another popular and free smartphone messenger app that enables free calling and messaging. Send your photos, videos, locations or voice notes to your friends. You can also add cute emoticons and also stickers and send them. The interface is fun, fast and easy, with the calls using an Internet connection, either Wi Fi or 3G/EDGE. The app supports Windows OS as well as Android, Blackberry, the iOS and Bada. It also enables group chatting with unlimited number of people in the group. It can be used on your smartphone and also on your PC and you can also play Kakao mobile games on your smartphone.


This is among the top free calling apps for mobiles, which enables you to talk and chat with IM contacts by using the Internet connection in your mobile, Wi Fi, 3G or GPRS. You can make calls to any contact in your Google Talk, Skype, MSN or Twitter list. Other features on this free app include swapping of music and pictures as well as sending files and video clippings to your contacts and friends. This can even be sent to them, whether they are on a mobile or a PC.


ICQ enable free voice calls with great sound quality. You can also make free video calls and have a face-to-face conversation to any other ICQ user all over the world. Logging in is very easy with just your mobile phone number and the activation code that is sent through SMS to your mobile phone. You can also connect your social network accounts to the app, so that you can chat with all your contacts using this single app. It also enables sharing of files, videos and photographs to ICQ contacts and to your friends on social networking sites such as Facebook.

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