Though the Temple Run mobile game is not officially available for download on your personal computer, you can still enjoy Temple Run on PC by downloading software that emulates Android.

Temple Run was initially released for iTunes, developed by Imangi Studio. After its huge success and response from gamers all over the world, it was released for Android and Window mobile phones. This is a running game without an end, where the player keeps running to escape from a giant monkey, collecting gems and coins on the way along with power ups.

Download it for PC and Mac

The game involves running and escaping along with overcoming several hurdles on the way. We also have Temple Run 2, which is a popular sequel to the original version. It comes with great graphics and enhanced features. If you are the type to enjoy running games, you must definitely try it, as it is a free game to be played on iOS or Android platform on your mobiles and tablets. The game is available for most of the mobile Operating Systems. However, if you love to play this game, but do not have a smartphone, there is still hope, as you can download it on your PC. Even Windows & having lower hardware configuration enables smooth playing of this game.

Using Bluestacks

Though the game is not available on the computer, there are ways to install it on your Windows PC or Mac by using software known as Bluestacks. Bluestacks is software that works by emulating the working of Android. This helps run all Android apps and games that are created for mobiles and tablets, on your Windows PC or the Mac as well.

Downloading on Windows PC

It is always advisable to first download a backup for your PC and then restart your browser. You must next install the Bluestacks app to access Temple Run for PC. Bluestacks can be installed in two ways. One is the usual way of downloading it through an Internet connection, whereas the other method consists of downloading Bluestacks and installing it in offline mode. This is useful for those who don’t have an active Internet connection.

The computer will reboot after the Bluestack software is installed and the service starts functioning. When you open Bluestack on your PC, you will see many applications. You will find a search field, where you can type out either Temple Run or Temple Run 2. You will then see it on your computer screen. Just click on it and the install button, which allows the game to download on your PC. The game downloads quite quickly, but might vary according to the speed of your Internet. After downloading, the game starts installing on your PC on its own. Now, you can enjoy the game on your Windows, PC.

Simple and Addictive Gameplay

Temple Run is a mega hit game on mobile phones and thousands of gamers have downloaded it on their smartphones. The game offers a very simple but addictive concept. You keep swiping for your life, use several boosts and keep alive in a graphically appealing setup. There are plenty of bonuses that you can attain, each of which can be upgraded. You can collect coins in the game and use them to pay for your upgrades. You can also attain special powers, some of which are unlocked at certain levels and some by purchasing of certain characters. You can complete and cross each level by completing a set of objectives that are listed for the run. Only after completing these objectives, you are provided with a new set. The key improvement or change in the sequel to the game is the smoothness, improved aesthetics, the world level and a much bigger monster chasing you.

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