Gmail continues to be one of the most used free webmail services today and it will probably remain so, as long as it remains without shortcomings.

People from all walks of life prefer Gmail over other webmail services for a lot of reasons. One of these reasons is that Gmail allows its users to manage their tasks accordingly. Because of its one-stop portal, you will get the option to upload your files, watch videos on YouTube, book your appointments, read the latest news, browse the web and so much more; all of these can be found at the top right of the Gmail window. Gmail has the ability to make one arduous task less gruesome by giving you the option of switching to a more enjoyable activity so you can take a break from your work, such as watching the latest trending video, with just a click of your mouse. One of my favorite features is the thread. Gmail stores all conversations you’ve ever had with someone in a single thread. All email conversations in each subject line are automatically saved and grouped together.

Advantages of Using Gmail

Even though new conversations pile up over old ones, you can easily read old messages from the collapsible thread. This makes sense for someone who likes keeping track of every single message exchanged with other people for their reference. Another winning factor of Gmail is its thorough virus and malware checking. It’s comforting to know that it’s able to detect and remove threats that might infect your computer. Gmail’s malware protection is the best you can have. When it detects a threat, it will send you a warning and automatically quarantine the file to avoid possible damages. Gmail also allows a 25MB capacity for each mail. You can easily attach 25MB worth of files and send them out to someone and Gmail lets you do that with not so much as a hassle. Regular users don’t see this as useful, but for those who love sending out photos to their loved ones from their most recent trips will find this more convenient.

Hefty Email Storage Space

If that’s not enough, Gmail also allows over 10GB of email storage space. While normal use does not require that much of space (2GB is enough for a regular user), it’s still convenient to know that there’s no immediate need to delete your inbox hastily when you’ve run out of storage space. If you’re a very sentimental person and wants to save conversations to come back to later, Gmail is the best choice to do that, but then, if you’re a neat freak and always itching to erase and clear your inbox, you may also do that. Gmail just says there’s no rush in doing so. If you’re a Gmail user, you have definitely enjoyed these benefits listed here. If you’re using a different webmail service, then you might want to try Gmail and relish in these features that Gmail has to offer. You’ll not one to be disappointed because there are more that Gmail offers beside these things here.

Technology Gmail Proves to be the Best Webmail Service and Here’s why