The Microsoft Surface RT is a thin and superbly designed tablet that is perfect for young professionals, since it comes loaded with business related features.

Nowadays, almost every mobile phone manufacturer has their own tablet versions, thus, Microsoft hinted that they are also coming up with their own version of the device. This is how the Microsoft Surface RT came out. With this device, Microsoft has proven that they are not only topnotch when it comes to computer devices, but they are also great at creating mobile devices, such as this tablet.


Microsoft has made it clear right from the start that the Microsoft Surface RT is their way of proving to the market that they can do more than just producing high tech personal computers and other computer devices. And it is immediately clear that the Surface is not just your usual tablet device.

There are actually two things that make the Surface to stand out from the rest of its competitors. One is the kickstand and another is the detachable keyboard. The concept behind the kickstand is simple. The bottom of half of the back part of the tablet casing can be flicked out in order to create a stand, thus, converting the device to a mini laptop and you can start using the detachable keyboard. When you’re done, it will flip back to its original place in the tablet.

Connectivity and Ports

The connectivity and the expandability of the Microsoft Surface RT are among the strongest points of the device. There is a micro HDMI port that you can find on the right hand side of the tablet, which makes the company to create a pair of optional adapters in order to run external displays through the VGA or HDMI.

Unlike the iPad as well as other Android tablets, the Microsoft Surface RT will allow the user to extend their desktop on a secondary display instead of merely mirroring the screen of the tablet, which is certainly a bonus when it comes to getting work related projects done immediately, even when you are traveling.

Desktop on a Tab

The mere presence of desktop PC on the Microsoft Surface RT is enough reason why business professionals who are always on the go should consider investing on this device. Microsoft created the tablet with busy individuals in mind, allowing them to finish their project even when they are traveling.

With all the desktop features that the device comes with, such as the ability to run full screen instances of some of the Microsoft Office apps, it is the best tablet device that mimics a typical desktop or laptop computer. Even the Start screen feature that is found on the tablet is bewildering in itself.

The Microsoft Surface RT is indeed the perfect device that you need – a tablet that is loaded with Windows and Office apps and everything that you find useful on your PC. So if you are in need of a new tablet that can help you to finish projects faster, this device is what you should invest in.

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