The Nokia Android Phone will be called Nokia X?

Ever since the rumor about Nokia’s plan to release an Android device has been leaked, a lot of speculations have come out regarding its name. While others say that the Nokia Android phone will be called the Normandy, several sources have said that the new phone will actually be called the Nokia X.

But despite all these rumors and speculations, Nokia has not released any statement claiming if these reports are true or not and they have not informed the public of what name they will come up for the new device.  Whether it will be called the Nokia X or Normandy, or perhaps just simply Nokia Android, it is best to find out some of the most important details about the new device.


Nokia is a company based in Finland that is focused on communications and information technology. They are one of the most successful multinational corporations all over the world and their headquarters is located in Espoo, Finland.

The Nokia Network and Solutions division provides telecommunications network services and equipment, and its subsidiary, Navteq, is in charge with the Internet services, as well as games, music, apps, media, as well as the messaging platform.

The latest flagship device that the company is said to be developing is the Nokia Android, a mobile device that is powered by the Android operating system, instead of their usual Windows OS. And if rumors are true, this new device will be called the Nokia X.


As you might probably know, Microsoft is thinking of buying Nokia’s mobile phone division. And in case you didn’t know, it is actually Microsoft that is behind the Windows Phone, a mobile platform that is a direct competitor of Android.

Therefore, some people have concluded that if there is one company that will give a name to the new Nokia Android phone, then it would be Microsoft. But then again, it would not be making sense that Microsoft will be promoting a mobile device that is run by its competitors. With this in mind, a lot of Nokia fans are at a loss on whether Nokia or Microsoft is going to launch a mobile phone powered by Android.


Aside from Nokia X, rumors have also revealed that the much anticipated Nokia Android device will actually be codenamed the Normandy, and this new mobile device will be a low cost phone, so it’s perfect for those who are looking for a cheaper handset from Nokia. The device is said to be a forked variety of Android mobile, which means that it will be powered by a stripped down version of the Android operating system, and this is why it would cost less than other Android mobiles in the market. Others have also revealed that the device will function just like the Kindle Fire of Amazon and will not be aligned with Google’s own version. As of now, there is still no confirmation on whether the upcoming Nokia Android phone will be called the Nokia X, Normandy, or other names.

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