The dual SIM card phone market is gaining ground, saving lots of consumers hundreds of dollars by allowing them to purchase two different plans in two different markets.

This prevents excessive roaming charges when traveling, and it allows business people to keep work and personal numbers separate without carrying two handsets. While the phone manufacturers are finally paying some attention to this market and making some nicely outfitted dual SIM phones, the Samsung Galaxy S Duos is not one of them. Here are five reasons why you should avoid this pitiful device at all costs.

Reason #1: Not Enough Power

This phone runs on a single core 1 GHz chipset, which keeps the device running remarkably slowly. Users have reported that the phone’s lag is almost unbearable when a mere 4 or 5 apps are installed, which is a very small number for most people. Even the installed TouchWiz interface is prone to lag, much to our disappointment. There have also been reports of the Galaxy S Duos shutting down randomly when attempting to accept calls, making it very disappointing in the power department. If you are a gamer, you will be particularly disappointed with the lagginess.

Reason #2: Terrible Screen Resolution

If you are in a dimly lit indoor location, you will be able to see the screen and read it. However, the second you take it outside or into a well lit area, you will run into problems. The screen is only 480 x 800 pixels, WVGA quality, which is far behind the quality of more modern devices. Colors appear washed out, and pixelation plagues the device, so print is difficult to read.

Reason #3: Paltry Battery Life

The battery in the Samsung Galaxy S Duos is underpowered, especially when using dual SIM cards. Prone to overheating, you will find that this phone cannot get through the day without a reinforcement charge. If you are traveling frequently or out of the office, this can be a big problem, as it requires you to not only find a plug but also to wait for the battery to juice up. Some users report having to recharge as much as three times a day.

Reason #4: Low Storage Space

The Samsung Galaxy S Duos has only 4 GB of on board storage, and even with an optional microSD memory card, it is only expandable up to 32 GB. Considering the new Galaxy Grand 2 has double this amount, the storage capacity of the Galaxy S Duos is pathetic indeed.

Reason #5: Cheap Construction

As with all Samsung phones, the Galaxy S Duos is made entirely of plastic, much to the disappointment of consumers. Even worse, the back cover of this device is terribly thin and prone to popping off, and it gives way easily with very little pressure. This makes the device feel cheap and flimsy in your hand and prone to damage, even with fairly gentle use.

If you can afford to spend a bit more, you should definitely pass on the purchase of the Galaxy S Duos in favor of the much better dual SIM Galaxy Grand 2. For a bit more, you will get a much better screen, a fantastic camera, tons more storage, and even a quad core processor. In our opinion, the Galaxy S Duos is a dinosaur in the smartphone world, and the sooner it becomes extinct, the better.

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