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Temple Run 2 Download Free – Fleeing from Demon Monkeys


Temple Run is a free game more than 50 million downloads, thereby setting a rather high standard for its sequel, Temple Run 2.

The basic theme of the sequel is the same as the original. The gamer possesses and stolen idol from a temple, which angers a monkey who wants to get it back from the gamer. Temple Run 2 download is available for all devices that can run Android 2.1 or above. The game looks good, plays smoothly and is fast enough on several devices with different specifications and plays smoothly on them, being compatible with all Android devices, though it may not look so good on a low-end device.

The best part is that it is a free game and is devoid of frustrating advertisements. The developers, however, make money through the sale of coins and gems in their in game store. But the player does not have to spend money, as he can access all the features in the game without spending a cent, though the progress in this case could be a little slower.

Simple Gameplay

Of course, you can hardly call this sequel unique, as there are a dozen other games in the Google Play or in the App store, where you keep running towards and unreachable goal, collecting coins and other stuff on the way. However, Temple Run 2 is set apart because of the simple interface. It has only one goal, which is to escape from the evil demon monkeys chasing you. You do this by dodging obstacles and making turns through gold coins used for buying upgrades.

New Elements

If you’re asking what’s new in this version, the maps seem to be more elaborate offering a new environment. However, the swipe controls are the same. Apart from new zip lines, there are also water hazards and cliff drops as well as wheels of doom and mine trains, through which the player has to move. The difficulty level is almost the same, with the pace hastening as you go. There is also increased number of objects attempting to kill you all over the map. New elements in Temple Run 2 are the zip lines, new obstacles, such as water hazards and broken rocks and so on. The aesthetics of the game have been improved and it offers you a good means of using up the in game gems you might have collected.

Changes in Character

You can change your character by purchasing three others with the game coins; of you are tired of the default character. These characters are endowed with different qualities, though there is not much difference between them.


There are new challenges like running for 500 miles without getting any coins. Such challenges have to be completed in order to get ahead in the game to the next level and increase your score multiplier and get more scores.

Last Word

The gameplay is very addictive and it also boasts of excellent visual graphics. If you are merely looking for a fun game as a time killer, the free Temple Run 2 is an absolute no brainer.