Just days ago, Adobe has released a critical security update for Flash Player and has been constantly encouraging firms to upgrade to the new version as soon as possible.

The company is working tirelessly to ensure that users are protected from online threats and malware issues which are quite common these days, owing to the growing internet popularity. Many of them are designed to exploit any kind of bug they could find in a security. To cope up with this trend, software developers are now active than ever and are releasing new patches on a regular basis. The new update for the Adobe Flash Player 12 is available for download already and the company has officially taken to the press to encourage users to adopt the new patches. While there are no detailed explanations available for the patch fixes, the company has claimed that it will fix the integer underflow vulnerability and it will be fixed instantly once the patch is applied.

Securing Against Attacks

The main purpose of the critical security update is to safeguard both PC and Mac users against malicious attacks which are being triggered to grab hold of confidential user information. The latest fix is considered to be high profile because the bug found, if exploited, can give complete control of the system to the attacker. To make things simpler for users, Adobe has given an official link on their page which will allow users to go online and check the version of Flash they are running. If it is outdated or has not been patched, users will receive a warning message and will be redirected to the free product page where one can get the installer pack. The concept of updating software applies for every application that users use because they always come with fixes and solutions for persistent issues that a third party may choose to exploit at any point of time.

Bug Fixes

In their official press statement with regards to the vulnerability found in Adobe Flash Player 12, the company revealed that they have identified the problem already which is why the new update is being rolled out. They have come to know that such a critical vulnerability could put the power in the hands of unknown people as well as the computer which is why it is mandatory to update to the latest version at the earliest. The official claim is that integer underflow vulnerability will be fixed which if not could lead to the execution of an arbitrary code that can affect the entire system. The discovery was made by a security expert company named Kaspersky labs and Adobe thanked specific team members who brought this to their notice immediately. More specific details on how well the fix works and other information with regards to the update is unavailable.

Meanwhile, the concept of adopting HTML5 as a preferred media streaming solution is fast growing and it is expected that with Adobe’s timely updates, user support, they can still grab hold of the market ensuring best possible security and end user experience. Users can also look forward to new versions of the software soon.

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