The wait is getting tougher every day.

It’s been pretty long since Minecraft announced its launch on PS4 and with every passing day, people are getting crazier about the big launch. There are a many different details that have been announced and the teasers have ensured that people are eagerly waiting for the huge launch of minecraft PS4 edition.

What Is The Minecraft Game All About?

In the odd case that you really do not know about minecraft and you haven’t actually played the game, here is a preview of what the game is all about and what makes it one of the top choices among gamers all over the world.

Published by Mojang, Minecraft was released back in 2009. However, there were major changes that were done and it was towards the end of 2011 that the full version of the game was released. The main theme behind the game is exploration as players have a huge scope for exploring the hidden details.

There is no fixed objective as such and you can fiddle with your time and moves and try to find the various objects. However, if you are one among those who loves challenges as it keeps you going, you can choose the survival mode so that you can keep track of available resources and energy to make sure you are going with the full flow.

The main theme is to crush and place the blocks and thereby walk through the virtual world demolishing stuffs and even making them. The game is played extensively on computers as well as mobiles.

What Makes It Exciting For PS4 Lovers?

As of now, there is absolutely no doubt that the play station 4 remains one of the coveted gaming portals for almost all gamers. The eclectic display and the smooth working of the portal have been applauded by one and all. Given the kind of fun one can have while playing games on PS4, it is natural for everyone to be excited about the big launch of Minecraft on PS4 platform.

It seems that the launch is likely to happen in the first quarter of 2014. Minecraft managed to have a phenomenal success when they launched the Xbox 360 version and given the warm response they received, they are hopeful that even the PS4 edition is going to be a great hit. There are a few new features that would be added to the mix as well.

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