Xbox one is the powerhouse of gaming.

There are a several players all over the world who are hooked to this gaming platform mainly because there are very few consoles that offer what Xbox one does.

Can You Play Minecraft On Xbox One?

No, you can’t, but there is nothing to worry because very shortly you will be able to do this. As you must be already familiar, we have the minecraft Xbox 360 version and it is pointless to add that the minecraft version for Xbox 360 was a raging hit as innumerable copies were sold out. Even today, you can find a great deal of people that are hooked to their Xbox 360 just for the sake of playing their favorite games.

As far as minecraft on Xbox one is concerned, the release is just around the corner. There have been reports regarding the rumors that surround the release dates; however, official photos have now been released and the air is brimming with excitement. All those who own Xbox one has been waiting eagerly for the big launch and now it seems that the wait is about to be over.

Will There Be Any Changes?

Here’s one big question everyone wants to have an answer on – How much change will come forth? Every time minecraft releases a new edition, they tend to add something new to the mix. Even if it is a little nominal, it is these minor additions that further push the popularity of such editions.

Based upon what one could see from the official photos, one could spot a lot of new additions. However, an official log for the big changes that will be announced is not available yet. Minecraft developers are extremely hopeful about this new edition. Even a new edition for PS4 is in the pipeline and it looks like with these two major launches, minecraft is definitely going to be in the news for a long time now.

As the official launch date is not yet clear, we still have to wait for it. The number of people who love to explore and play minecraft is whopping. Xbox one allows an extremely dynamic and powerful interface to all those who are addicted to gaming. Minecraft has been one of the popular games for a long time and if it continues to keep scaling new success stories with all its new editions, it will continue to hog limelight for years to come.

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