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Nexus 4 Specifications – Picking up Momentum


As far as looks and specs are concerned, Google’s Nexus 4 is a dreamboat, being both smooth and elegant with a 4.7 inches HD display, a 1.5Hz quad core, a Snapdragon S4 Processor and Android 4.2 vanilla version, offering a killer combination.

Cool Capabilities

The tapered edge and gentle curves offer that additional space for your fingers to rest naturally. The Gorilla Glass 2 graces the phone front, adding to the elegance and offers natural feel while swiping across the screen. With a resolution of 1,280 x 768 p True HD IPS plus display, it offers excellent viewing angles, so that you have a great opportunity to read articles or to watch movies on your device, with good display, even in the midday sun. The ‘quick settings’ menu offers access to the brightness, battery, flight mode and WiFi and Bluetooth as well as data usage features. It also links directly to the settings, which can be accessed by pulling down the status bar with your two fingers. You can also quickly glance at your calendar appointments, view your email and other notifications, without having to enter the home panel or unlock your screen. Another useful feature is that it offers support for Qi wireless charge for refilling the battery, which works like a charm.

Additional Services

More powerful services are offered in Google Now. You can find local events and nearby attractions and also get directions, pictures and details. Other card pop ups can get you relevant information about your flight or hotel reservation emails by entering into your email inbox and sending you reminders.

Voice Search Features

Considering the specifications of your Voice search, you can now schedule meetings and check out your next appointment as well as launch apps, just by saying ‘open’ and the name of the app. Even if there are no definitive answers for queries, the system offers an answer. For instance, if you ask the question “Which year was ‘Back to the Future’” released, you will be provided with the date along with other information related to the movie, making the voice search experience a truly natural and remarkable one.

Gesture Typing

Instead of the stock keyboard option, you have the Gesture Typing feature, which is more appealing and easier to use. You just need to swipe from one alphabet to another and not hunt and peck at the letters. The typing is more accurate and you also have a word prediction feature, which is intuitive and more enjoyable.

Gmail Enhanced

Gmail can be pinched to zoom and you have automatic format features so that the message fits in the screen. Magnification is possible by just tapping it three times and then using the pinch to zoom for adjusting the magnification.

Daydream for Screen Saving

When you charge the phone or when it is docked, you have a screensaver with a selection of pictures that float around. You can just view the latest feeds. Though this feature is not very functional, you have something to peek at while sipping coffee and watching your phone when it is lying idly on the table.

The Bad

The Gorilla Glass 2 could also easily gather dust or other particles near the chrome lining. In addition, the back cover is not removable, so you cannot access the phone’s battery, unless you’re ready to risk removing screws. The back of the phone, which is glass laden no doubt looks sleek and even gorgeous, but you need to avoid hitting the concrete. The Nexus 4 can work with all HSPA and GSM carriers, but it lacks LTE compatibility, so those carrying this service could be frustrated, however.

Though the Nexus 4 may not be the most sophisticated phone, it has high-end specifications and is offered with an elegant build at an affordable price, making it worth buying. It is also backed by the best components available in the market.