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Why Should You Still Have to Download Temple Run 2 Even if it’s Not Free


If you’re one of the millions of users who downloaded and played the first version of Temple Run, then, it’s safe to say that you’re also among the millions of users who anticipated and downloaded its predecessor, the Temple Run 2.

From the first day of its launch, Temple Run 2 was downloaded for over a million times. Players have different opinions and views about the new version, some saying that it has exceeded their expectations while others didn’t see much change from the first one. No matter what your expectations were and whether they were met or not, the fact is Temple Run 2 still remains one of the most anticipated games in the past year and it has not failed to entertain its millions of users. The app is very popular and even though it centers on a man (sometimes a woman, depending on your choice of character) who runs through forests and mines, the game is so captivating that it’s hard not to fall in love with it.

It Teaches Us Important Lessons in Life

One of the joys of owning a smartphone is that most apps are free. Games and apps can be downloaded easily and since most of them don’t charge you, users prefer them over paid ones. However, there is something about Temple Run 2 that would still make you want to download the game even if it’s not for free. For most people, Temple Run 2 is more than just an endless running game. The game teaches things about life as well. When your character in the game stumbles down, it doesn’t stay down. It gets up and continues to run. It’s important that no matter what kind of setback you experience in life, you keep on running. In the game, there are many opportunities that can be picked up and make the whole run easier. Not so different from life, when things start to get harder for us and when we think that there’s nothing else we can do, life hands us opportunities that can help us get out of our situations. Sometimes, these opportunities are more than what you dreamed of and will do more for you than you can ever imagine. Just be sure to grab every opportunity that comes along your way.

Face Life without Fears

In Temple Run 2, the settings are the least ideal to be and in many ways, very scary. However, that is exactly what life looks like. It’s scary and most of the time, we’re put in a situation that scares us beyond our wits. Your character in the game doesn’t show he’s scared, even though he most probably is. That’s how you must take life. It may scare you many times but what’s important is that you keep on going and don’t allow your fears to get the best of you. Be courageous even though you don’t know what lies ahead. And like the Devil Monkey, trials will always be there to catch us, but if you learn how to outsmart them, you will come out as the winner.