At the start, everyone thought that Instagram is just another social medium and offers nothing that has not been offered before.

As more people downloaded it, it became clear that Instagram is something different. There’s no space for status updates, but there are lots of space for photos. Instagram is a web photo-sharing app that is free to download for iOS and Android devices. Instead of sharing one’s thoughts and feelings, Instagram allows its users to take photos, edit and share them with your followers. Although it’s not the first app that allows photo sharing and editing, Instagram is easily the most popular one. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it doesn’t require more than three fields to fill up upon signing up. You only have to provide three things when registering: a valid mail address, the username you want to use and your password. When you’re done filling up the fields and verifying your email address by clicking the link sent to your email, you may already start using Instagram.

Purchased by Facebook

Given that it’s free to download, it’s no wonder the number of its users have now reached 150 million by September of 2013. When the news broke out that Facebook has purchased Instagram, there were a lot of questions about how this would change the social network. One good change that happened is its increase of users; so maybe it was a good thing, after all. However, it was also revealed that Facebook will start throwing in advertisements this year to make money; we should therefore expect some changes in this photo-sharing app. As soon as you realize that these social networks are free and don’t charge you for the download and make money from their advertisements, you will be able to accept the changes that are bound to happen. You can be assured, though, that Instagram will continue to provide you with the service they were known for, which is as a platform where you can take your own “selfie”, edit it by adding filter of your choice and share it with the world.

Convenient with its Ability to Share with Other Social Accounts

More recently, Instagram has taken things to an upper level. It’s not only photos you can share; now, it is also a video-sharing app. You just have to be very creative in taking the video because they only allow a maximum of 15-second videos to be uploaded. For some people, that’s scarce, but for others, it’s a chance for them to bring out their creativity. Instagram is like storytelling. How do you tell a story with a photo or a video? A lot of people take this as a challenge and the more filters you use, the more creative you get. One of the things, that makes Instagram more convenient to use, is its ability to share the photos you uploaded through your other social media accounts, because, really, it doesn’t make much sense in uploading the same photos in two different social accounts. With Instagram, you can just upload and share.

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