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Should Microsoft Support Nokia Android Phone?


Rumors are spreading that a Nokia Android phone will soon be out in the market.

A lot of consumers have been anticipating for its release and are looking forward to be able to catch first glance on this new mobile phone. But then, there have been recent reports spreading online that said something about Microsoft’s plan to stop the release of the device.

If you are an avid follower of Nokia, then you are probably aware that by now, the mobile division of the company has been acquired by no other than Microsoft. But why do you think Microsoft should support the release of the new Nokia Android Phone?

Microsoft Products and Services

First of all, it should be known that the main reason why Microsoft came up with the Windows Phone operating system is for them to earn revenue from various Microsoft products and services. They did not release these devices to earn revenue from licensing the Windows Operating System, but they released this for the mere fact that they want to be able to market the mobile products and services that they have developed. With this reasoning, it just does not make sense why Microsoft will not support the upcoming release of a new Nokia Android device.

Foregoing the Licensing Fee

As rumors would have it, there has been an increasing pressure on the part of Microsoft to forego their licensing fee since most of the OEMs that make use of Windows Phone are also selling Android mobile phones and that Android themselves are not imposing any license fee. And since some of the Windows phones have downsides, such as the lack of app catalog, the license fee that Microsoft imposes will just make the device to look less attractive in the market. Therefore, Microsoft should not block the release of the highly anticipated Nokia Android mobile phone.

Profitable Venture

If Microsoft will indeed acknowledge that a licensing fee won’t be necessary, then an Android mobile phone from Nokia would definitely be a profitable venture for Microsoft. Nokia could make use of Android in the same way as Amazon does with its Kindle Fire devices.

A Nokia Android phone must integrate with preloaded Microsoft products and services, such as Skype, Bing, Office, as well as Internet Explorer. Buyers of this new Nokia Android mobile phone could easily make use of any of their Android apps, and all those apps coming from the Android app catalog. This would be a big benefit over the Windows Phone that is often criticized for their lack of popular mobile apps.

A lot of people thought that Microsoft earns more in the licensing fee that they impose from Android instead of its own Windows Phone. Now that Nokia Mobile is under the wing of Microsoft, Nokia will certainly have an advantage over other competitive OEMs which are paying Microsoft to use Android apps. This might turn out that Google’s competitor might invest on maintaining the operating system which Microsoft piggybacks on just to deliver their own profit generating products and services. Releasing the Nokia Android mobile phone is definitely not a bad move for Microsoft.