Just two weeks earlier, Playstation players got a taste of the new patch which came with several bug fixes and improvements.

Even though most ardent players would have downloaded it by this time, many of them are still left without an idea on the facts of what got fixed during this patch release. Because of developer 4J Studios being extremely busy with nearly half a dozen versions of the game being released here and there, with bug fixes warranted on them all, they are taking their time to release one for the Minecraft PS3 edition. But, it was a good gesture from their side that they released nearly three different patches within two months while the game itself was released in December last year. More is being expected from the studio and to keep fans engaged, they took to Twitter to address these growing concerns as well as rumors. As they clarified, a new PS4 Minecraft version is under development which will see its release once the existing issues are taken care of.

Changes Made With Patch 1.03

Minecraft PS3 edition received the much needed fix which saved gamers from losing their save files. Other prominent changes made by the patch include, fixes for ghasts firing at random angles, where are we now music disc and lighting issue on a network client. When players selected an item on the screen, it is supposed to display the text for the item and later fade off. One will not be able to open a menu when it’s visible and it didn’t fade off automatically as intended. This issue has been addressed by the developers and fixed in the new patch update.

The block damage decal which was being incorrectly offset has been corrected as well while the existing game render glitch when a new streaming music starts up is now no longer a problem for gamers. Even though the new patch brought about a huge list of changes for the Minecraft PS3 edition, the game is far from being perfect and requires more updates in order to function as the developers intended in the first place. Compared to PC and Xbox 360 versions, the Playstation is relatively a new platform for the game.

New Update Expected

As the game is still being buggy and has glitches randomly, 4J Studios has promised to release the much expected TU14 update as soon as possible. The Playstation console requires a formal approval from Sony and once they clear the initial testing, the patch will start rolling out. Earlier, the developers released the Marvel Skins pack for the game. When the new update launches, it may have a completely new game mode as well if rumors are to be believed.

Apart from the above mentioned changes, issues including splitscreen crashes, leaderboard updates and trophy award problems were also fixed by the patch. The constant increase in the player base is expected to attract more attention and make Minecraft PS3 edition a solid community which will make the developers focus more on it and send updates their way for a smoother gaming experience.

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