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Download Angry Birds for Free and Understand Why It’s Addicting


There’s nothing more satisfying than making an entire construction collapse over a group of annoying green pigs.

Nothing pleases me more than seeing the last of those pigs. That’s not entirely true because what pleases me more is being able to play another level and then again another level. I may sound exactly how an Angry Birds addict may sound. If you recognize my tone as your own, then you also have the same problem. You, too, are addicted to this app and there’s nothing that’s going to stop you, unless you were able to pinpoint what exactly it is about the game that makes you so addictive that it’s impossible to stop playing and killing off those pigs. Now if you haven’t played Angry Birds before, I recommend that you download the game (it’s totally free) and see the reasons why the game was able to compel millions of users in different parts of the world. Here are a few reasons why this game is so addicting.

Simple Game

This app is very simple to understand. It does not require complex instructions to get the general idea and objective the game. It is for this reason why more people play Angry Birds. We take comfort in the fact that it’s easy to play; therefore, it’s easy to beat as well. It’s just a matter of aiming and deploying your colored birds to your target.

It Gets Frustrating

You might be wondering why something that’s frustrating can be addicting. Let’s just say that this is around the time when you start to realize that those green pigs are harder to kill than it looks. It’s frustrating because sometimes you think you already got them when you release the slingshot at the angle you’ve planned, but lo and behold, the obstruction was not cleared, and you failed to put even a tiny dent on it. It’s addicting because you want to get back on the game right away. You want to finish what you started, at all cost.

The Satisfaction You Get

Can I just say that nothing beats the feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment when you were finally able to finish off the pigs with just a single shot? Seeing the effect of destruction you’ve made is somewhat gratifying. After several levels of cheap shots and getting lucky, you were able to release one shot that tears the whole thing apart. If this accomplishment doesn’t make you want to give yourself a well-deserved high five, I don’t know what will.

Level of Competition

Ever since Angry Birds was made available in Facebook, and for free, the game took a different level. Now, it’s not only competition with your own self. You also get to compete with your friends. Why do we like competition? It’s challenging and no one refuses to back down without a fight. Sometimes, you finish a level with a flourish, only to find out you’re still placed second or third, so you do the whole level again to take the first spot. Whether it’s a family member, a close friend, or your partner, beating them in the top score is very rewarding.