While the official list of confirmed updates for Minecraft PS3 edition is yet to be revealed, the game developers and the player community have already confirmed a bunch of information.

Among them, the most important one is that the expected Title Update 14 for the consoles is the equivalent of the patch update 1.3.1 released for the PC version. So, if the list is something to go by, one can safely assume that at least some of those important ones seen in the list will make it to the PS3 edition. Besides, it gives a brief overview of all the exciting things that Minecraft has to offer once it launches with newer features on the console. The development team 4J Studios has been constantly updating their status and their eagerness to appease the gaming community. Despite their busy schedule trying to get the game ready for Xbox One and PS4 consoles, they are working on the TU14 update as promised and said that it will be revealed once the update is submitted for approval to Sony.

Upcoming Features

Based on the official confirmation that the TU14 update for Minecraft PS3 edition is most probably equivalent to the PC update, here are the things that have been listed.

Jungle and Desert Temples

Among them, the desert and jungle related buildings are the most anticipated. The jungle structures are essentially made using cobblestone and moss stone materials. The raw materials are purely based on common sense because these are the most widely available resources in a jungle which makes construction easier. They are quite similar to what players already know as desert temples because both these structures have common items. They have hidden chests to explore and traps besides other similarities that might cause confusion at times. However, it is not easy to open or find chests because they will be safely enclosed behind a puzzle. Only if you solve them, you will be able to open it and get the loot stored inside. It can vary between emeralds, horse armor or enchanted books to something utterly useless because the loot is generated randomly.

Desert temples are other expected structural constructions that are built using sandstone which is found easily in the region. They have booby trapped blue wool in the middle with four different chests and if you pass them, there is a chance to grab hold of emeralds, iron or gold ingots, rotten flesh, horse armor, saddles, bones and more. It is a valuable structure that players are looking forward to.

Other prominent updates that players can expect with the Minecraft PS3 TU14 will include baked potatoes, carrot on a stick, cobblestone walls, desert villages, flower pots, anvils which is an important tool, carpets and even pumpkin pies. The list is long but what will make it to the final stand is yet to be known. Developers 4J studios and Mojang are working on the update for console version of the game. As it has already seen a release on PC, it shouldn’t be long before PS3 gamers get hold of it.

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